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Okay... so now you can go to a store in your area (probably) and pick up Automatic Hotel's latest cd- When Your Door Stands Open. that's pretty f'ing awesome. :)

here are the lists for California and Illinois, for anywhere else contact AH

If you go to any of these stores and they don't have any left in stock, let them know and they will order it for you!


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I'm being totally serious! Some of you already know but some of you do not, Automatic Hotel is doing a music video shoot in Hollywood on Nov. 11th and everyone is invited to be in it, all ages. (Or just watch, if you prefer) It's for their song "You Can Be A Rainbow" and it's going to be a blast! There will also be a camera crew at The Gig show that same night shooting some live show footage for the video as well. On top of that, The Gig show is FREE for everyone on the VIP list. Want to be on the VIP list? Simple, just reply to this post and I will be sure to add you and any friends you want to bring to the list. I promise! What are you waiting for? Come join us for the fun!!

The Music Video Shoot
When: Sat. Nov. 11th 1pm-4pm
Where: Hollywood Sound Arena- Showcase Room
6611 Santa Monica Boulevard
Hollywood, California 90038

The Gig Show
When: 8pm SHARP! Doors open @ 7pm
Where:7302 Melrose Ave
Hollywood, California 90046
Cost: FREE for our Guest List!

Also playing that night: Piper Downs, High School Logic, The Drills and the Figgs!
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my poor D!!!!


my poor D!!!!



carpy day

Dec. 3rd, 2005 10:24 pm
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my headache is a dull throb now. thank god. i was really getting tired of it.

i have yet to figure out how to get my converted mpegs to work in my dvd player. i'm hoping james will be gone tomorrow so i can use the desktop and just turn 'em into DVD.

in other news, i finally got a chance to upload some pics to my new site. took some effort though because i had to download them from my photobucket and other such accts and then upload them to the albums on the site. so go check that out.

think i'll go hope in the shower and contemplate going back to bed.
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last night we had quite the impressive thunderstorm, with some pretty spectacular lightening. even a little rain. it was cool. almost wish we'd had it on sunday as it would've been an awesome backdrop for the sgow but... it probably would've fried us too. and we'd had enough problems with our power on sunday as it was. when the guys arrived, our power was off and the PG&E guy was changing the connectors. that was a little worrisome. but all was well... ;)

and this morning, i was going to sleep in a little because i have to do set-up stuff for the all staff meeting tomorrow. meaning, i meant to be in at 9. but i didn't get here til 10 because i apparently turned off my alarm at some point... oops. but i'm at work now... blah. and i don't want to be. my boss is out. again. and i've been given the task of setting up a visit for someone. which is frustrating because i keep getting told not to do anything with visits and them *slam!* i get told to set them up or go supervise them. grrrr.

well... i suppose i need to go get some stuff done. i need to put the powerpoints for tomorrow on disk... eep.


Oct. 24th, 2005 02:49 pm
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"my bra is pretty full."- pepper

"we haven't broken him in yet"- elizabeth

"is naked angel done?"- mike

"or being stuck in peppers boobs..."- mike

"you've violated the song"- elizabeth

"we attempted to violate Geoff"- elizabeth

"automatic MacGyver"- mike

"moustachio should play 16 year olds country rock."- mom

i'm adding them as i remember them... expect more...
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i am so behind on my flist, it's not even funny.

i cleaned my house all day saturday and right now it looks like i threw a wild party and a rock concert. wait... oh right. i did. well, at least, a rock concert. the wild party was mostly just beer drinking. ;)

here's some pics that [ profile] bloodshedbaby put up from last night... just a few and i am terribly in love with her camera. much love to her for letting me play with it. *hugs*

let me say this... Automatic Hotel kicked major ass! i hear there were even slight rumors of worry over cops showing up... lol. now we know that i suck at reviews so i won't even try. we'll have to see if one of the other lovelies that was here can write something up.

it was awesome meeting Dave and Katie, who were total newbies that heard about it throug one of my myspace postings. and for james to get Chris and Eric to come over. Loren, too, but he was late and only made it in time to hang out with his buddies and partake of the beer. ;) Quinn made it over too. i guess i need a better email for him cuz he never gets my invites and i always send him one. i just literally happened to see him in AIM while we were setting everything up. but he enjoyed them a lot and stuck around for the accoustic stuff too. need to make him a copy of the cd. or he could steal tess', but it's signed... who else? oh yeah! [ profile] bloodshedbaby made it up. always fabulous to see her again. i got to play with her camera *drool* and now i desperately want one. must get the details on it. and she brought Puppet!Angel with her (obviously, since i've already linked to some pics) and he sort of upstaged M during the accoustic stuff. and has been banned. but i think they made up when he left. there was a touching moment and a very special hug. ;) [ profile] gotr_groupie made it down with her cousin Tatiana (hope i spelled that right...) haven't seen her since OAKLAND! you live closer now, pepper! we should meet up! and [ profile] dee25x5 was here too. and [ profile] motherkus, who was well lubricated. and of course, james. stacy, mom and james have heard stuff but have never seen, so it was good.

not nearly as many as i'd hoped. and might have words with some of my co-workers later about that. but it was still good. and it gave the guys a little rest on their trip back to LA. and of course, let me have a chance to see some of the new stuff and catch a show during this little mini-tour, which i am grateful for.

well... i need to get back to making waffles, etc. and have more coffee. i'm no where near awake enough yet. ;)
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well... today is almost half done. yay. very exciting.

james neglected my coffee needs this morning. so i kicked him. poop head. course i was also like 20 minutes early to work so i got the first cup out of rosie's pot. have also stolen a cup from the bosses office. so i'm not doing too bad, caffeine-wise.

not hearing too much from people about upcoming events... i hope to get a lot of people to show up... *is worried* i can't do any advertizing tonight because i have to work with james and finish my homework but i think i'll take some flyers to tower tomorrow night and see if i can get Tessy to put some up on campus.

i wrote my bills this morning. after lunch i'll take 'em down and mail 'em. have the check for Cate in my book too. and i was able to pay way more on two bills... so that was nice. i hope i get the job i tested for because then i'll be able to pay more every time. i'd love to pay off my car sooner rather then later.

did i mention that i applied for another transfer position last week? victims advocate. it's actually where my interest lies. see... i want to get the grad degree in forensic psych and put it to use working with victims. so... this is really one fo the best possible positions for me. course, the way this county works, i won't hear about a test until mid/late November. and then the actual job won't start til Feb. and by then i'll have accepted (god willing) the community mental health specialist position and i'd feel all guilty for transferring again so soon. but... we'll see what happens, right? cross your fingers everybody.

not much going on in my world. i forgot to tell ya all this story from the game on saturday. some people got it in email, but not everyone. teehee. so at half time they brought some celebs who are participating in a celeb charity golf tournament locally yesterday and today. some guy from CSI:NY, some PGA pros, some other actor/actress, and Grant Show. and james and i were sitting there saying that he still looked like the melrose place guy. and we were like "we should go down and say hi and ask if he's buddies with Adam Busch and then be all "OMG! Adam Busch is SOOOO hot!"" *snort* we didn't. but we should've. ;)
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i am very excited to be able to announce (finally) that Automatic Hotel will be coming to Fresno and playing a gig in my living room. yup... i'm bouncing, it's true. teehee.

Image hosted by

so... yeah... RSVP ASAP for directions and come out to check out an awesome band!
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okay... my work comp is still deaddead. so i'm currently using bobs because i think he's gone at a training all day.

sent out a curiousity email to locals and semi locals last night. am hoping to hear back from more people ASAP. i need numbers people! i know there were some locals, though, who didn't get the email... it's cuz i don't have an email addy for you since the great crash of 2005. the jist of it is i have the opportunity to share one of my favorite bands with local peeps on the 23rd of this month. they'll be passing through on their way back to LA and want to stop and do a living room show at my house. its something that'll happen eventually anyways, but we want to do it now. :) the thing is, before we can set the plans in stone, we need to get an audience interest... so... the band is Automatic Hotel and you can hear songs on their website and check out pics, etc there too. it's a great band. with great music. plus i promise to make some food. which is of the good. LOL. so if you didn't get the email, but would be interested... let me know ASAP. thanks.

also, its my goodie day at work. john's too. but when i went to remind him he said he brought stuff last week. so instead of baking cookies for them i bought 'em breakfast rolls. best they can get. i'm feeling poor. and i'm not even going to be at the meeting this morning! argh.

i have a strategic planning meeting this morning. blah. i was going to share the project WIP but now i have to go and take more pictures... so i probably won't share. i'm annoyed.

Serenity tonight. i still need to get james to go see it. maybe i can drag his butt tonight. doubt it. he'll probably be playing his stupid game. grrrr. dinner first. think i'll just have a small salad. crap! i didn't grab a lunch today. do i have any cash?

okay... i'm off to the meeting... be back later... if bob doesn't come in. ;)
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M asked me to send him links. so i thought i'd post them yousendit style for anyone who wants this past weeks show. i have yet to listen (bad me!). especially bad me, since i hear it's dedicated to me. *blush*

part 1
part 2

ETA: i have now listened to the show... and if you haven't then poopoo on you! but seriously, good stuff there. lots of CR, ASH, JM, AH (including a world premiere! {though i already had like a minute of a rough cut of that song from a long time ago... thanks M!} which is just awesome!). and some stuff i hadn't heard before but will go looking for because it sounded very interesting.
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more wekend details etclater but...

[ profile] blueirish told me she was having issues downloading M's radio show from the other night... so... here. comment if you take.
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my eyes are dry. with a side of burning sensation. and whats really sad is the bottle of visine i carry doesn't do a damn thing. crud.

its too quiet on the floor right now. i think Sharon and i are the only ones here. which sucks. i wanna come in late on mornings like this. i mean, i rolled over to unplug my cellphone this morning and there was a beautiful black beast demanding snuggles. i coulda stayed in bed with him! :( but no. i had to get up and come down to the office. where no one else is! and to top that off... had to drive my own damn car because i have field experience hours tonight. right after work! no time to even rest! *groan*

in other news... i finally calmed down enough to sleep last night. *blush* i'm a dork. its true. but i was just so proud of M! he did such a great job in the interview (as did you, Kate!). and i finally got to hear some of the new stuff. and i almost got my fav song... ;) and then of course... there were the shout outs. to [ profile] blueirish, [ profile] dee25x5, and me. SQUEEEEE! yes... i squeeeed. *palm/face* anyways... i finally calmed down enough to sleep... and have no idea what i dreamt but i'm sure it was hyper freak dreams. ;)

have a meeting at 10. for which i have no background knowledge. i requested some and then i was told they had nothing written down. um... what? no minutes? no notes at all? how is someone supposed to make sure they didn't miss something? grrrrrrr.

okay... i'm gonna eat my croissant now and figure out what needs to be done today.
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okay... so who listened?

and if you didn't... why the hell not?

you can download it here later. just look for the 8pm show.


listen up!

Aug. 18th, 2005 07:39 pm
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so... go here at 8pm Pacific time... that's in 21 minutes... and listen in!

do it! cuz it's just too cool!!!

AH news

Aug. 16th, 2005 01:58 pm
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according to this LJ post my friend Mike will be up in Portland doing an interview. very exciting.

i await, with baited breathe, more news from my gypsy friend. *hugs*
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pics from my san fran adventures with irish and Automatic Hotel (onstage and afterparty) )

damn... too many pictures maybe... or maybe not.
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another thing about last night... there were nipples.


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