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yay! it's after midnight!!! i can finally post this!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] seductivembrace!!!!!!!!

i hope you have a FANTABULOUS and p0rny day. ;) but seriously... it's friday... have a frickin' awesome day!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] wyldcolt45!!!!!!!

i wish you all the best today, and every other day, too.

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have to throw this out...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] gotami!!!!!

hope you have a fantastic day!

btw- what ever happened to that starbucks cup?
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] _sharvie_!!!!!!!!

hope you have a fantabulous day!!!
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or maybe it is on other people's flists and just not on mine. which is dumb. it should be everywhere, right?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] fiercerose!!!

i hope you have a great day and get lots of faboo prezzies. also... you're lucky i left it at home because when i was packing to move, i found my photo album from my play... i coulda scanned in lil katie pics. LOL.
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H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O Y O U !
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O Y O U !

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y D E A R [ profile] oanimation!!!
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O Y O U !!!!!!!!!

sorry it's so late in the day... but i got shots today and feel sort of crappy. i hope you have a fantabulous birthday!!
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also... happy birthday to my friend Cara.

and because i've seen it pop up in some coms and in some LJs... this hate stuff... god, can people please grow up? if you don't like something why are wasting your time thinking about it? that leads to bitterness and is unhealthy. but we have people making entire comms about stuff they hate? WTF? very annoying. if your a hater- bugger off. i don't have time for you.

in other news...
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just sayin'


i got a prezzie! i got a prezzie! wheeeeee! i ♥ prezzies!

thank you so much for beautiful DVD! i'm superexcited because now i ca watch the part where Mr. Darcy comes out of the lake in slow motion and looped. ;)

and thanks for the cd too! squee! *dances around to the new music* yup, i'm a dork.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] _friendlyghost!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] _friendlyghost!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] _friendlyghost!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] _friendlyghost!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] _friendlyghost!!!!

have an awesome day kiddo. ;)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] vintagesoul!!!!!!!!!!

i hope you have a great day and celebrate allllllllllllllll weekend long! (friday birthdays are the best!)

just don't get arrested for anything you can't tell your parents about. i don't think your flist has bail money. ;)

now i'm off to bed before i fall off my chair again...
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Happy Birhtday [ profile] roniabirk!!!!!

i'm sure you and jack are off doing all kinds of fun stuff... if the weather is good... *hugs*
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] vamptastica!!!!

hope you have a great one! *hugs*

you should come join us tomorrow- dinner, concert, food- little party in hollywood for me, but i don't mind sharing ;)


Apr. 14th, 2006 08:03 am
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it's my birthday! it's my birthday! it's my birthday! :)

okay... so the guy at Starbucks totally gave us my drink for free. :)

and Sarah sent me a scary E-card. but it's soooo totally true. ;)

and there have been so many personal greetings... thank you all for those. i hope i've caught them all and said thank you individually. i'm trying.

and [ profile] taruma16 is SPOILING me like there's no tomorrow! not that i'm complaining ;) i ♥ prezzies! she sent the Bacon Bros cd (which mom and i are listening to in the car), and yesterday i came home and found a Blackberry Lush Bomb (which i'm waiting til i get home on sunday to use... relax from my quickie trip)(it was on the counter of our bathroom last night and smelled so gooooood!), and then this morning i come in and there's balloons and clover leaf on my userpage! THANK YOU SWEETIE! *POUNCE/tackle/hugs*

so i was sorta down last night because it looks like such a small party tomorrow (which sucks but also reminds me of why some people are who they are to me) *hugs* and it was only getting worse because some people are really trying to be there and they may not be able to be there and i never get to see them. i was really sad. but so far today... you guys have really made me smile. no more depression allowed on my birthday... :)

oh... i'm also feeling very girly this morning... i'm wearing a skirt. a pink skirt. and heels. pink heels with bows on them... ;)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] kat_eyz!!!


A VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] blackgarden!!!!!!!!

i hope both of you ladies have fantasmic days! *HUGS*
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] dafnap!!!!!!!!!

and also, thank you for the funny! :)
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also... i have a birthday in a month and a half and i just want to say this now because... well... shipping takes time. LOL. no seriously...

i would absolutely love to receive this as a gift- Angel as a Vampire puppet from Smile Time. it can be bought from

i know that i won't get it. and that's cool. but every so often i get an email from them telling me about their new merchandise and he's in preorder right now and he'd be so cool to have.


Feb. 22nd, 2006 09:04 am
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everyone keeps trying to out do her own kidlets. well... pppppfffffttttt! to y'all! LOL


HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] motherkus!!!!

not that she'll see this till tomorrow... slacker. ;)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR [ profile] blueirish!!!!!!!

i hope you have a wonderful day full of pampering and love. *kisses and hugs!!*
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] foolishgirl5239!!!!

and yes, it's a day early, but i don't want it to get lost in the V-day posts...

Happy Early Birthday to [ profile] girlpire!!!!

hope you both have wonderful days. *hugs*
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but i thought i'd jump on the bandwagon...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] spikesdeb!!!!

have a fantabulous day! *hugs*


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