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so yesterday, after an enjoyable shopping outing with mom, i took off to meet up with cara and dave. dave's band was playing out at hobb's grove and i'd just found out on friday. i'd never been out there so i decided i would go. i'd mentioned it to cara and we thought we'd hit it. but then she found out that assholecheesdickfckwad was going to be there and maybe we shouldn't go. course then we found out that he was going to be yelled out for the slanderous things he's been up to... so we knew we had to be there to witness it. so yeah, we headed out.

now i have tosay how fucking satisfying it is to see a grown (if very immature) man do the deer in headlights look and scamper away when you come into view.yup. he very much did not like that i was there. and probably really hated the fact that people talked to me. haha. i don't know what the fuck he thought would happen with him showing up at the gig but i know i blew his mind. HAHA. loved it. so much fun.

the gig itself was great. 3 bands (2, actually, but the first band ran and changed and did a KISS tribute). lots of 80's metal covers. teehee. and some originals. the only bad stuff was that the first band blew the power and they were only able to get 3 of the speakers/monitors back. the second band (dave's band) didn't have any problems. but the KISS tribute blew things a couple of times. but like the little professionals they are, they just kept on playing. rock on.

then cara and i took the free passes we had received and wnt through both the haunted mansion and haunted forest. much fun. if you get the chance, definitely head out there. and we ran into michael in the forest. he used to be the singer for the assholes band. he was being a vamp and i told himto just bite me and he did. there are rules about touching, but since we knew him the rules went out the window. course the people behind us got pissed off cuz we were getting hugs... whatever. the forest was great except for the two low ceiling areas and having to bend over. plus, there are some roots that run across the path... very annoying. really have to watch your step. the mansion was also very cool but there's a loose nail on the stairs you go down and i know have a huge wound on the back of my foot. course, i'd worn flipflops because i didn't know we were going to do the events. we hadn't planned to since dave had another gig at 10. but we decided we wanted to do one and then cara decided that she loved going through them with me and therefore we had to go do the other. teehee.

obviously people need to visit me this month and we have to go out and get scared. haha.

got home kinda late and now i need to get homework done, do some laundry, and clean up in the kitchen. what a fun day i have planned. ;)
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Cara shared this with me...

"I hear assholecheesedickfuckwad is still on his downward spiral. I hear the guys fired from Metalhead are kinda getting sick of his drinking, that whore Abby went home to Texas and left him, and Phil & Michael hate him for walking out on his own band. What an idiot."

this amuses me so. maybe its just that i've been in the dumps lately and i enjoy things that cuase him pain... *shrug*
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a) taken from [ profile] roniabirk... Tom proposed to Katie... WTF?

b) called the girls throwing the pleasure party yesterday, the ones that are friends with the boy (who will now be known as the asshole). wanted to see if i was still invited to the party because i was sure they'd heard his side of things and didn't want to just show up. cara said of course i was still invited. and thats basically it (we were both at work at the time). anyway... sometime last night she called (i got it when i went to bed as i was away from my phone all night) and left a message about how she was glad i'd called because they really wanted me there and they didn't have my number and couldn't ask the asshole for it. and that the asshole is now dating so skank (her word) he's known most of his life and that skank has hit on EVERYONE! and that they really don't like her. ROFLMFAO!!! also, she said that i was totally invited to the party but that she wasn't. i was very amused by this and cannot wait for the party. :)

c) i'm thinking about the weekend of July 23rd and 24th for my BBQ.

d) having lunch over in my mom's office today. some quasi-charity thing for one of our programs. they're making tri-tip. *drool* i could smell it when i dropped off mom this morning... cannot wait to eat it! definitely gonna have tri-tip at my BBQ.

hmmm... i guess that's it for now. probably have more stuff later after my coffee kicks in. :P
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another thing about last night... there were nipples.
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which, i know, is going set people on me telling me its my fault... and it is. but totally worth it. :)

this'll be a short post and not have too much in it because honestly my brain... still in europe.

so bloody fucking cold last night. admittedly, the beach in san francisco... bound to be cold but........ brrrrrrr! thank god our alpha male (mike, from automatic hotel) got the fire going. but still...... cold!!! did lead to much cuddling with J later though because he was big and warm and cuddly and fun.

so, yeah, [ profile] gotr_groupie throws a hell of an after party. mike, j, pepper, toria, tatiana, jackie, michael, me, irish, tracy, deedee, stephanie, jason, and deedees cousin who i cannot remember her name. with a bonfire. on a beach. with alcohol. chicken. and mike with an accoustic guitar. damn good party.

oh! and there was much hilarity due to pepper and i explaining how we fuck with bands, with a demonstration... and yes, we took off our sweatshirt and did it properly. led mike to autograph my cd with "great cleavage". ROFL! and we got a lot of "inside" stuff. :P quite amusing.

did i mention that my cleavage got signed? silver pen.

i think that's it for now. oh. wait!

we get back to the hotel and i give my key to valet man. come up to the room, take a shower. then go to bed. its like 4 am. the room phone rings. they can't get the fucking key out of the ignition. i told them its just a turn of the wrist. no trick. so they call back like 5 minutes later. i had to go downstairs and get the key out. seriously. i turned it and it popped right out. not difficult at all. oh my god. came back upstairs and crawled into my freezing cold bed. and was then plagued by the song "firefly" because we'd sung it at the beach. and i can't sleep when there's a song in my head. so... less then 3 hours of sleep.
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I so do not want to be at work. It's a beautiful gray day outside. I want to go home, put on my scooby pjs, and cuddle up with my book in front of a fire. I have this awesome hanging fireplace. very 70's. And it's cozy to sit in the pit right in front of it. But, alas, no go. Have to work. Had a fun morning. Had to take some parts out to a customer (guess he didn't have a truck to pick them up with) and while he was unloading the truck I was playing with his puppies. Some form of sheperd. So cute. And so well behaved. Oh my god, i want the little one. And the guy is just giving them away. I want the little one. kind of a runt. i want him. i want him. maybe it was a her, i didn't check the plumbing. :) i really want that puppy. can't have it tho. i have this great dog, missy, she's 22. no new dogs untl she passes. she wouldn't be able to tolerate them. in truth, i can't have any more new pets at all. mom says that the next animal that comes into our house is hers. so no new pets. i really want that puppy tho.

I don't recall updating yesterday. Actually had work to do. Crazy.

Oh, god, I got off work last night and was driving home when my friend, Brenna, calls. She's all "have you heard?" and I'm like "heard what?". "Desi's getting married!" I swear-- if I'd been braking when she told me that I would have hit the car in front of me. Desi is this guy we all went to HS with. Year older then me. He was our guy friend til we got tired of being the ones responsible for keeping the friendship alive. He was kind of guy that if you weren't screwing him he'd forget about you. Ugh! Anyways, at some point we all pretty much went out with or something with him. How he managed that I will never know. And now he's engaged! So the big question becomes WHO IS SHE? not someone we know. and apparently not someone that one of our other friends would have seen him with. I had to tell everyone (basically, I called Mel in Vegas and told her to call when she got off work and wandered around telling mom, James, and C). Ohh-- important fact, Desi is the guy my brother threatened- "if you ever hurt my sister, I'll kill you"- I love James. I really do. Where am I going with this? Have no idea. I just really want to tell everyone cause it is absolutely frightening. and kinda hilarious. oh, well.

What else? Nothing really going on with me. My medical insurance just kicked in. I need to get off my butt and call Kaiser for a dr now. Too lazy to do it today. I need to go a fill on my nails. Too lazy to do that, too. Maybe tomorrow. I'm supposed to do something tomorrow. What was it??? Oh, right, I told mom I'd fold my laundry. Not like I can get to my dresser to put it away. One of the girls is supposed to leave Monday, but she was asking me about trains to LA (there are none, btw, you have to take a bus in Bakersfield over the grapevine). I think that may be what she means when she says leaving. And then she'll be back. I don't know. I've been hybernating in my room a lot lately. Shame on me.

Brenna and James are coming over tonight. We're gonna play the Buffy game. I know, you're all looking at me like I'm crazy. But we love it. So much fun.

What else? Hmm? I need to do christmas cards this weekend. Need addys for people. Have to pester them. And my mom wants to get a tree this weekend. I am very much against this. I don't like getting before the 20th. And that's even too early. I hate putting it up before the 22nd. I do put up lights, tho. Think I'll add that to my list of things to do. I have these realy cool rope lights I bought for my room. One year I put a string of lights up around my room and everyone decided I was turning it into a bordello. Thnk I'll put those lights up, too. And I need to make out my idea list for people's presents. Gotta go by the car parts store, too. My right turn signal is out I think. The blinker on the dash is going crazy. Doesn't that signal that the light is out? And I just found some split ends. Great, now I have to make an appointment for Greg.

On that note, I end this update. Don't want to bore everyone with the crap of today. Can I go home and sit by the fire yet?


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