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Dec. 3rd, 2005 10:24 pm
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my headache is a dull throb now. thank god. i was really getting tired of it.

i have yet to figure out how to get my converted mpegs to work in my dvd player. i'm hoping james will be gone tomorrow so i can use the desktop and just turn 'em into DVD.

in other news, i finally got a chance to upload some pics to my new site. took some effort though because i had to download them from my photobucket and other such accts and then upload them to the albums on the site. so go check that out.

think i'll go hope in the shower and contemplate going back to bed.
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very annoyed right now because i have a program on my comp that takes wmv files and puts them onto vcd but it won't burn anything right now. keeps saying that burn failed. so... i'm quite annoyed.

also, sat through an incredibly boring and annoying football game last night and froze to my death. soooooooo cold. they took the thermometer down so i wouldn't know how cold i was but damn! i was frozen! what i wouldn't have done for a guy to snuggle with...

on top of the cold we lost. 40-28. and we literally only had 3 pts in the first half. soooo.... that tells you part of the suck. such a crappy game. we so don't deserve to go to a bowl game. let alone the liberty bowl. bet they're kicking themselves.

came home with a headache and crawled, almost immediately, into bed. woke up this morning with the same headache. straightened up the kitchen and then crawled back into bed to try to nap off the damn thing. woke up/got up round 3 still with a throbbing noggin' and am sitting in the dark in my living room hoping it stops soon. although it does feel better right now. unless i move.

i'm supposed to be studying. so my head needs to feel better! ASAP!

iguess i will go look for another type of converter thing so that i can play these vids on the TV...


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