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Dec. 3rd, 2005 10:24 pm
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my headache is a dull throb now. thank god. i was really getting tired of it.

i have yet to figure out how to get my converted mpegs to work in my dvd player. i'm hoping james will be gone tomorrow so i can use the desktop and just turn 'em into DVD.

in other news, i finally got a chance to upload some pics to my new site. took some effort though because i had to download them from my photobucket and other such accts and then upload them to the albums on the site. so go check that out.

think i'll go hope in the shower and contemplate going back to bed.
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12 hours left. and counting. so that means i'm going in tonight and two hours for the group therapy tomorrow and then a final 8 hour shift on saturday. that'll give me an extra 2 hours. yay! and i'll be finished with my hours over a week early! score!!! also means i can have social life again. *bouncebounce*

in other fantabulous news... not only do i get to spend a weekend with [ profile] briel, [ profile] _friendlyghost, and [ profile] blackgarden... but now [ profile] bloodshedbaby is joining us for our trek! *super bounce* and since i'll be done with my internship this weekend instead of next, my norcal girls can come down on friday instead of saturday. which means only 6 hours of driving instead of 10+! and another chance for B to turn us onto bizarre movies... ;)

i'm waiting rather impatiently for goodies to come in today. i swear that's the only reason to come to work on a thursday... but i don't think any goodies are coming in today. i seriously doubt Kris will bring any and so far i have seen hide nor hair of Eva. poop. i'm hungry too.

must pay bills this morning. that's first on the list, actually. and then i've got to clean up my file. and i brought my portfolio in with me, since i haven't really bothered to look at it at home. i though i might make more of an effort while here. and i need to email shirley and see if she has staff pics... who's out at the selma regional center?

what else do i have to share? i have a cold. and it ain't gonna get better til i have time to take a day and rest, ya know? so maybe next week sometime, when i'm done with the internship and have turned in everything in my class. course, first i need to find out if the rumors i heard last night are true. cuz if they are then i'll need to take a mental health day that day instead and won't mess with next week. *waits impatiently for details*

off to pay bills...


Aug. 30th, 2005 11:03 pm
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have to thank the ever-lovely [ profile] briel for pointing it out to me... but if you go over to the CR main site... they're advertising the LR DVD. short preview. makes me giddy. can i have it now?
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too many pics to leave them out here... click here. )
okay... that was a lot of pics. sorry. aren't you glad i cut them?

fun in LA

May. 17th, 2004 12:18 am
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good morning from the torrance marriot. room 1407. that would be on the concierge level, by the way. hehehe. [ profile] bloodshedbaby is my god.

sitting here checking mail and stuf before contemplating sleep or gossip.

james and i drove to LA this afternoon. very exciting. we had a rented buick le sabre. nice ride. very smooth. finally got to the hotel and eventualy met up with [ profile] bloodshedbaby and [ profile] blueirish. after a quick changing session we all piled into stacy's car and headed out to "beverly hills". traffic was quite annoying. but we survived. figured we'd be fashionably late. hehehe. anyways so after we find parking, we stumbled to the house of the infamous Kerry Common Rotation Living Room show. the first thing we saw was CSI dude. if you don't know who that is... it's the morgue assistant. whatever his name is. hehehe. then as we passed into the backyard, we ran into Danny Strong (one of the hosts) who grabbed me for a hug and a "hi! how are you?" which was followed by introductions all around and thank yous for coming. (later on, he and i were talking and i said something about him needed to come up {not that i think he would... but mom adores him, as do i, and i'm sure she'd get a kick out it} and he was like "i can't go to fresno. last time i was there the car i was in rolled 4 times!" and amidst all my worry for his well-bearing, i couldn't help think that he really does remember me! *fangirl giggle* i never believe when they tell me he does.) then it was off for drinks all around. the yard was pretty cramped so you got to know the other people well. haha. no, seriously, irish ran into people she knew, turns out i knew one them from way back, and introductions occurred again. new friends, eleni and katie, showed up. i knew eleni from the Automatic Hotel messagebaord. we were supposed to meet at the last CR show but we failed, only to find out we did meet because we got danny's beer taken away! anyways... they showed up. then there was a lot of mingling and us all trying to scope out any celebs. lol. um, tom lenk was there, duh. and some other people we thought looked like people, but we don't know. so then this woman, jennifer, came out and talked for a while about kerry and the grassroots campaign in california. it was actually pretty interesting. and she did a q&a too.

moving on... as i am suuuuuure you are want the good stuff now. :P

after the q&a, we all scampered into the livingroom. i took a spot of the floor with stacy, eleni, and katie. irish hung a few feet away with her friend deb. and james took a throne in the corner. haha. he ended up in like half of stacy's pictures because of her angle. so we've titled her pics "james and common rotation" or "common rotation & james". the guys rocked! adam, eric, ken, and jordan. but mostly adam & eric. i don't have a setlist, sorry. i don't remember the songs. um... but it was good. it was humourous to watch james watch the audence. :) at one point there were cops. i guess danny and some other guy ran out to deal with them. and yes they did ticket vehicles. (ours included. we figured it though and didn't care because of how close that spot was. lol)

um... i'm getting tired and don't really remember too much more.

after the show though, i had been requested by eleni and katie to take pics of them with people. so off we went. we were joined by stacy. james was off having more alcohol. and kat was chatted with her people. we found danny. got him. this is where that covo about the car rolling came in. such a sweety! met a friend of his. the girls wanted tom so we went looking but we'd just missed him. i found adam and got my hugs. got pics for the girls. so cute. caught ken for pics. then eric. even got jordan! then we realized stacy didn't have the the studio albums and eric had some. he gave her the big fear but we also wanted the other one, so she paid for both. but he was gonna give her the one for free, she paid anyways. it was funny cuz he looked so confused trying to make change. lol. then i got a report from kat that james was drunk. and checking out her friends ass and getting adam in on it. so i went to find my pervy older brother. he gave me a look and said he'd introduced himself to adam as my brother when he taken him to check out the ass. so i had to find adam and see what was said. adam said he'd thought the guy was drunk and wasn't paying attention to him. thank god. lol. so i went back and told james that he had been declared drunk and not worth remembering. :P then he dissappeared. when he came back he said we had a ticket on the car and that he'd almost run into adam but had missed him. we left a little bit after
this. haha. said my goodnights as we passed by danny, adam, and ken.

i drove. we wanted food. so we drove round for a bit. and ended up at norm's back here in torrance. had some food. felt much better. filled my belly. and then we came back to the hotel and went our seperate ways. james has a conference here fo the next 3 days. we're outta here in the morning. have to run irish back up to santa barbara and then head back to our valley.

so tired. but it's all good. it was wicked fun. specialthanks to [ profile] bloodshedbaby for providing this escape. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO! you rock my world, babe!
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God. It's been hours since I've had a chance to update this. I had to go back to the last entry to see where I'd left off.

Saturday (cont)--- Okay. So they finished their really short set. Maybe 40-45 minutes. And that's pushing it. We got one encore. A new song. Interesting. And then they were gone. James kissed one girls hand and shook hands with a few others. M and I were like "I want my hand kissed". :) We wandered outside to get the single. I knew that since I couldn't take any pics, some people would be a little ticked if I didn't come home with something. And since I'm such a good friend, I bought a copy for C. Thought about giving it to her for Xmas but went ahead and gave it to her last night. Then as M & I are waiting on the corner for Deb, Kelly Osbourne walked by. We did double takes. There was no meet and greet, but Charlie and Kevin walked by for a sec. I think I recall M looking away when Kevin came by. But I'm not too sure. Then the three of us headed down the strip for drinks at a bar whose name I do not remember. (Deb? M? any help here?) Then off to 7-11 for more drinks. That was followed by some adventurous driving and a quick game of "this is your life" as we passed by a bunch places M knew a a kid. Back at the hotel, it was 2 o'clock, and we started playing the Buffy game. M checked with Yoda and he said that she was gonna win. She was like "Not gonna happen", cuz I guess she never wins at games. I had to explain the game (trust me when I say that the instruction book sucks). But we had a really good game. I hope they had as much as I did. And, BTW, M did win. Well, technically both M and Deb won cuz they were playing the good characters and I was evil, but M threw the killing blow to the Master. So at like 5am we took Deb back to her place. Can I just say how refreshing it is to be out after midnight and still have people out. Fresno dies at like 930pm. Totally sucks. M and I just totally crashed when we got back.

Sunday-- I woke up at 841. 941. 1015. The last is when I finally got up. We made it out of the hotel just on time, checkout time being noon. And then off to Denny's for food since we were both starving. Post lunch was a stroll through The Grove. So pretty. Wish I had money to buy things. And, this is where it gets wacky weird. We're walking along and pass this restaurant, apparently some people she (we, kinda) know work there. These people know other people, who just happen to be Eric and Adam from Common Rotation. So we're talking and walking and who should walk by us? Eric and Adam. So we stopped and talked. They looked so good. I looked like crap but whatever. Who cares about me? Got my first Adam hug, though. I usually get hand shakes. Felt all special. It was surreal.

Everything kinda becomes a blur after that. No, not because we ran into Adam and Eric. More because I was exhausted and still had a three hour drive home. So, took M back to her car and drove home. Massive jam at Magic Mountain again. They're doing construction there til like 2004. Sucks. Got home at like 830pm. Told the tale to mom and C. Watched Angel. And was dead to the world by 1030pm. Ont the up side, I woke up this morning to GotR's "David Letterman". I have been running around work like a chicken without a head. I'm so frickin' tired. Haven't even had a chance to read other people's entries yet. Gonna actually have to fight my way online when I get home.

Oh, wait, I haven't explained the subject line yet. James Marsters. Tight shirt. He was happy to see the crowd, headlights were on. And it was not cold in the Viper Room. So, the shirt is tight and you can see his pecs, right? So, he starts singing and the pecs start dancing. Not together. They have their own rhythms. I kept trying to watch the other guys but my eyes kept getting drawn back. Disturbing, yet intriguing at the same time. :)
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You've seen that car ad, right? The one where those guys are camping and they hear banjos and get up and run back to their SUV an run away. I know its Deliverence. I have a brief knowledge of why, but I need more info. I had the movie over the weekend but never got around to watching it.

I totally forgot to mention that I changed my hair color. It's weird how your hair color can change the tint of your skin. I had a soft brown color (had some honey in it) and it made my skin a little bronzier. I am happily incredibly pale. But I died it back to a dark red. They call it Pomegranete (I know I didn't spell that right). But it put pink tones in my skin. It's just weird. And kinda cool.

Okay, I need to vent. Fog. It's a beautiful thing. I love it. Makes me want to be outside. (I have a strong hatred for the sun) But people do not know how to drive in it. I was on the FREEWAY this morning and the car in front of me would not go faster then 30MPH. GET THE FUCK OFF THE FREEWAY! Clearly she was afraid of driving in the fog or she didn't know how. --{portions of this post have been deleted due to graphic language. we now return to the regularly scheduled post}-- so I finally get around her and take off down the freeway, I could see her in my rearview STILL doing 25. I was laughing so hard. I'd say that the whole thing raised my stress level. It would have if I was any of my friends but I actually think it relieved more stress then it created. Ya know, cuz I was violently cursing. I feel pretty good right now.

Except for my ears. Inner ear infection. Both ears. My jaw hurts so bad. But I have no insurance right now. Can't see a doctor. Can't get any meds. So I suffer. But I swear, if I don't stop hiccuping soon I am going to go postal.

Should have asked Yoda if today was a good day to call in sick. Time to get back to work.

BTW-- can I just say right now how jealous I am of those of you who A) went to the "joint" or B) went to Molly Malones on Sunday. Wish I could have gone. Think it would have been possible to do the Joint gig and get home at a decent enough hour to make it to work, except for the grapevine being fogged in. Remind me I need to move. Must find a job and a place to live in LA.
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and yes, I'm gonna go to the game today rather then the wedding. Sorry, M. Given more time I probably woulda chosen the wedding but I'm in the mood for some football. (don't freak out people, I basically hate sports. I just like live football and soccer. And basically, that's just because I go with my brother and a good time is had by all)

Now, the point of today's entry-- didn't think I had one, did ya? Well, neener-neener, I do. :) (sorry, folks, just got up and I'm apparently in a whacky mood)

So, Thursday, when I had that huge headache, I must of taken some whonky pills cuz I had the weirdest dream. Which I am now going to share with you. Please anyone with any kind of dream knowledge, interpret this one for me. Me and M were walking through a forest. We came upon this group of people who were taking a tour. We joined them. The group was made up of all people I knew in elementary school. Except they hadn't aged, the were just taller, they still looked like how I remember them. then we could see the guide and it was F. Turns out it was a tour to find a Yeti. (This I am sure, has to do with the only picture I have seen of F has him wearing a shirt that said "yeti or not?") So the tour walks around the forest and we finally find a Yeti. So we follow it. It heads into these caves. And the tour follows it. I'm looking around and I know the caves. They're the initiative caves from Buffy. So, M and I are gonna go in this direction and see if we can find Spike or Riley or Adam or something, but then we hear music coming from the other direction. We head off towards the music and we find the Yeti. He's singing with Common Rotation! (like he's Nameen or something!)

That's all I remember. Pretty odd, huh? Okay, interpretations???


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