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and if you don't celebrate the ritual sacrifice...


personally, i'm debating thai food, pizza, and a ham slice with mac and cheeze that i could make at home. horror movies have been vetoed in favor of either dawsons creek or firefly becuase i have homework to do. and i don't plan on getting dreessed until maybe saturday- PJs are the best!
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okay, like the title says i've picked up a new planner/date book. mostly for school and appts but i wanted to touch bases with all my flist and get any important dates y'all can think of (including your b-days!) put down into it.


Apr. 7th, 2006 07:54 am
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it's not even 8am and this is already a shitty ass day.


Feb. 13th, 2006 03:15 pm
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just got off the phone with ananda. why she can't handle things on her own is beyond me. she called to ask what name we'd put Squeak under at the vets office when we took her to get fixed because apparently she's sick. i didn't remember because we took her with Tess and we let Tess put her under a name. so i called the vet and asked. they told me it was under ananda's married name. with Squeaks full name- Squeaky Monster. so i called ananda back to tell her and to say that the symptoms she'd mentioned in her message sounded like poisoning. sudden onset (since yesterday) lethargy, not eating, dull fur. but she did say that when let outside Squeak ran up the tree and onto the balcony and that she is drinking sips of water. i still poisoning but more like she laid in something and licked it off her fur. so... we'll see. Squeak has a vet appt on Wednesday. if she were my cat i woulda got off my butt and gone in for the walk-in hours. but that's apparently just me. i told her about the emergency vet. and suggested she keep an eye on the water consumption.

but why do i get the calls for this stuff?? why????
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go here at 5pm pacific and listen to my uncle talk about fishing etc. lol. squee!

ETA:OOPS!!! it's 4pm not 5pm!
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i must complain about the blatant advertising during tonights smallville... ya know... the part where Lois talked about her car. all the parts where Lois talked about her car. which apparently is new and according to all the ads i saw during the ep, is something you must go out and buy. and also... it has lots of buttons. ad apparently, you can win one...

so there. i've made the complaint. can i have popcorn now?
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cut for length... )

would've been better if he'd used my stuff too... coulda balanced out all them old people. teehee. but oh well.
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my room gets colder and colder every day. but still not at the point where i can pull my giant comforter out and burrow into it for the season. maybe by the weekend. so last night, in my bitterly cold room, i reached for bambi. and nestled under his warmth. such a dear deer. LOL. okay, i'm being silly. i have this quilt that my grandmother made for my brother and it has bambi and thumber and flower etc on it. and its really heavy. but it's small so it only covers me and adds its weight to the blankies. so i pulled it out and snuggled under it and slept very well in my nice little cocoon of warmth.

or i slept until i got a headache and woke up at 545.

doesn't mean i got out of bed though.

dinner last night was... interesting. the lil one announced to the shocked expressions of the 'rents that since she wasn't invited to the family dinner, she invited herself. her mother said less then 5 words to her. the entire evening. i think dad said a couple more to her. and the added fun was that when dad turned to me and asked how things are with the county (his way of showing an interest in my life) ananda interrupted before i could respond and took the focus back to the fucking horses. so... needless to say, i was just there for the food. and so was the lil one. james was pretty quiet too, until the bird flu was brought up. natty spoke no english. and in fact only answered questions posed to her. as we stood to leave dad said "thanks for bringing tess" and then did a half hug thing to her and told her it was nice to see her. she responded with "oh yeah, cuz you haven't talked to me in two months." and while james got a goodnight and i politely said goodnight, lil one got nothing from her mother. so... very interesting. i'm sort of waiting for the blacklash.

food was good though. hot. my tongue got a little fried on the hot and sour soup. but the eggplant was divine. and the rest was yummy. i take pride in the fact that tess, who hates eggplant, took some when i told her to at least try it. and then took seconds on it.

after dinner, we dropped the boy off at home and stopped off to get flowers before crashing the backstage area of mom's play to give 'em to her. some people had the look like "who the hell are you and why are you backstage?" but i was backstage in that theatre before most of those people even knew about it. so they could bite me. i wasn't handing the flowers over to anyone. teehee.

okay... i'm sure i've got a bunch of stuff to do today...
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God. I feel like it's been forever since I last updated. I hate trying to get online from home. Inevidebly, everytime I get online someone goes to use the phone and I get disconnected. So I have no idea what others have been up to and I have tons to say. I guess I'll just break it down by days.

Wednesday Night-- got home with exactly 2 things that I planned on doing and in a BAD mood. Needed to grade James' exams as he wanted to return them to his students today and I was gonna be gone saturday and sunday. And I needed to make my contributions to the T-day feast before the oven became unavailable. I started working on the tests and Gracie, one of the Korean girls living with us, came and started helping. I'd finish one test and she'd give me the next. It was kinda fun and got me out of my bad mood cuz it made me laugh to have someone to bitch to about all the stupid mistakes the students were making. And then she helped me make my desserts. That was fun too. Now for the true fun of the evening-- my mother said we could invite dad to T-day dinner. So, I did.

Thursday-- spent the early part of the day doing last minute cleaning. And avoiding people. James came over at about noon and took over my TV for football as the Buffy marathon was playing in the livingroom. Didn't matter to me. Dinner was at 4, so about 320 James and I went out front and started tossing around the football. I will never be a quarterback as my arm hurt so bad the next day. After dad showed we all sat down to dinner-- my mother, father, brother, the 3 girls, and Charise. What an odd family I have. It was interesting. To say the least. After dinner we children started our annual tradition of the Buffy game. We played for hours and had tons of fun. I think James has played Risk or D & D to often, though. He startegizes every move. Pretty funny to watch. We got the girls to play, too. And two of my friends, Brenna and Melanie, came over after their T-day dinners to play.

Friday-- I had trouble remembering what I did on friday for a minute. Basically, Melanie came over again. She lives in Vegas and works/school all day long. So C, Melanie, and I marathoned season 7 of Buffy, tryng to get her caught up. We went to dinner at my dad's and had to pick Tessy up at the ranch on the way. Not that it's on the way. The ranch is like 15 miles further out of town then my dad's house, but whatever. Had another turkey dinner with all the trimmings. It was good. Dad, Ananda (his girlfriend), James, Tess, Moira (Ananda's friend), Javier (her husband), Me, Melanie, C, and eventually Quinn. It was fun. We teased Tess for a long time with a game of hiding her stuffed animal from her. Then Mel, C, and I went home to finish watching the eps.

Saturday--- is gonna go on for a long while so I think I make its own post.
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I want to start off by saying that I feel great. My mom told me to leave work yesterday and go over to the hospital for "indigent medical care". She said she'd cover me. So I did. But they were rude and said that a) I didn't make enough money to qualify and b) there were no appointments available until febraury. I was like "fuck this!". So I was like where can I go? and she said I'd have to go to a walk-in but they'd want cash. I didn't have cash so I figured I'd have to make some calls. Long story short- I went by my old doctor (haven't seen him in years) and the secretary told me to go to this Urgent Care place and say I was his patient. They saw me in like 5 minutes. The doctor was really nice. And instead of hooking me up with expensive prescriptions, he gave me the pharmecutical samples for what I needed. Feel so good. Whole thing cost me $133 (cuz they gave me a discount for paying the whole thing). Yay! I can kinda hear. And there's no pain. He said my ears were redder then my hair. :)

Stopped by Tessy's school on my way home and ended up taking her to ice cream and out to her horse. Which meant that I stayed out there for like 2 hours cuz I didn't want to leave my 14 year old sister alone in the middle of no-where. Took some pics of her and "Hotty", if I could figure out how to do it, I'd post them. She's all excited about having t-day dinner on friday at my dad's. So cute.

And that brings us to today. Except I have to say one thing about last nights Buffy-- WOW! We were totally into it. And Smallville-- the paint was still wet on those "ancient" symbols. My parents are both into archealogy and anthropology so we grew up on this kind of thing. I think I've seen every indian burial in the continental US and tons of places elsewhere. Bad set people. Do your research. Or risk the scathing comments of viewers like me. (OK, not so much with the scathing, but its the thought that counts, right?)

My bosses dad (who still works here but in a diminished capacity) brought me a box of See's candy. He brought Turkeys for everyone else but I said that we had enough turkey already so he brought me candy. Isn't that sweet?

I have venting and griping to do about people, but that'll have to wait til the lunch hour or this afternoon sometime. Maybe I won't get to it for a while. That'll save everybody the torture of listening to me bitch.

Kris is officially insane. She just found out she's pregnant (waiting for the doctor to confirm it of course) and she's sitting at her desk thining she's getting fatter as the day goes on. So funny.

Work beckons. And I actually do have a stack of things to do. toodles.


Nov. 25th, 2002 12:12 pm
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I hate that I didn't do any updating this weekend. But more importantly I hate that I had to get out of my pj's this weekend. I felt like crap. Didn't want to do a thing. Succeeded on saturday, but since James came over to do yard work for the big "pickup" on sunday I had to get dressd and achieve stuff too. Wah!

I am happy to report that my ears fel a little better. Mostly just have that "full" feeling. That and the left one's eustachian tube is swollen and gross. That's a good image for lunchtime, right?

Nothing interesting going on with me. I need to talk to my dad and see if it's okay if C joins us for dinner on friday. Turkey dinner at dad's. The many joys of the divorced parents-- multiple T-day dinners. We're gona be hanging out with Melanie (best friend who goes to school in Vegas) on Friday, so she's coming to dinner, but I don't think James remembered to check on C joining us. Tessy will be happy to see them. She is so cute when it comes to my friends. Always wants to hang out with us and stuff. It's weird, suddenly having a little sister.

My deeps thought for today (currently) revolve around the lasagna sitting next to me, waiting to be eaten. I'm off to do just that.
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So my ears aren't feeling any better. I've been using an old perscription of drops but I think it may be too old. Doesn't burn like it used to. Sucks. I can't see a doctor cuz I don't have any insurance. Though Kris is trying to expedite that. She's a good boss. Poor thing. I've had control over the music in the office today and I've been torturing her with Buffy music (the old soundtrack, ASH's album, etc). hehehe. I feel so yicky today that I actually brought a can of tomato soup for lunch. Why, you ask, am I still here and not home in bed? Cuz Kris has to leave at 145pm to go to a parent/teacher conference for her kids today. Can't go home. Have to run the office. Damnit.

I had something else I wanted to talk about today... what the hell was it? OH! right. So we were watching Buffy last night (family night at my house as James comes over for dinner with me and mom and, now, Charise when she ditches church) and we were speculating on the big evil of the season. NO SPOILERS HERE!! THIS IS COMPLETELY A JOKE!! UNLESS IT HAPPENS TO BE TRUE AND THEN I WILL JUMP AROUND GOING "I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU!" Okay, so we were talking about who/what it is and we came up with ---- Joss! The end will be Joss walking out and doing something. No makeup or scary costume, just Joss. Or have him walking out of the mental institution after having messed with pathetic "real world" Buffy for the last 7 years. Okay, so we were clearly smoking something when we thought of this but it was really funny last night.

Just left a message at my dad's checkig to see how he is. Apparently he has kidney stones that started passing saturday (he missed the game because of them). Thought I'd see how he was doing. But he wasn't at work or home. So either he's out doing something or he's at the doctor. Huh. *shrug*

ADDENDUM TO EARLY BUFFY COMMENTS-- Anyone who is in the Fresno area on Tuesdays or Sundays, let me know. We love people over during Buffy/Angel (people who are into the shows, NOT people who will be talking bout other stuff!).

I think that's about it. I'm gonna mosy on over to the sink and wash out my soup cup now. Exciting, huh? :)
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Went to work today. My head is finally feeling good. No throbbing of any kind. YAY!

Yesterday, after I called in sick, I got called in to work in order to make a delivery out in Selma. Seems everyone else was busy. I was cool with it cuz I really hate calling in sick. I feel all guilty about making everyone else have to work harder since I'm not there. I'm weird like that.

So after finishing the job errands I came back into town (my company is just on the outskirts of Fresno)I decided I was gonna definitely go to this show at my HS. Which means I was gonna pick up the Tessy-monster and drag her with me.
She gets so excited when she gets to hang out with me. It's so cute. And it's definitely a way to brighten a day. :) I love my munchkin. Decided to kinda have a girls afternoon. Got my nails done and since she's too young to take care of acrylics, I got her a manicure. She was so excited. Had a blast.

Apparently, she'll listen to me, unlike her parents, cuz I told her we were gonna go out so she had to do her homework right away.

I'm totally rambling. And no one really cares, right? Whatever. I need to get back to work anyway. I'll write about the show we saw later. Just kinda felt like sharing my evening with the Tessy-monster.


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