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God. I feel like it's been forever since I last updated. I hate trying to get online from home. Inevidebly, everytime I get online someone goes to use the phone and I get disconnected. So I have no idea what others have been up to and I have tons to say. I guess I'll just break it down by days.

Wednesday Night-- got home with exactly 2 things that I planned on doing and in a BAD mood. Needed to grade James' exams as he wanted to return them to his students today and I was gonna be gone saturday and sunday. And I needed to make my contributions to the T-day feast before the oven became unavailable. I started working on the tests and Gracie, one of the Korean girls living with us, came and started helping. I'd finish one test and she'd give me the next. It was kinda fun and got me out of my bad mood cuz it made me laugh to have someone to bitch to about all the stupid mistakes the students were making. And then she helped me make my desserts. That was fun too. Now for the true fun of the evening-- my mother said we could invite dad to T-day dinner. So, I did.

Thursday-- spent the early part of the day doing last minute cleaning. And avoiding people. James came over at about noon and took over my TV for football as the Buffy marathon was playing in the livingroom. Didn't matter to me. Dinner was at 4, so about 320 James and I went out front and started tossing around the football. I will never be a quarterback as my arm hurt so bad the next day. After dad showed we all sat down to dinner-- my mother, father, brother, the 3 girls, and Charise. What an odd family I have. It was interesting. To say the least. After dinner we children started our annual tradition of the Buffy game. We played for hours and had tons of fun. I think James has played Risk or D & D to often, though. He startegizes every move. Pretty funny to watch. We got the girls to play, too. And two of my friends, Brenna and Melanie, came over after their T-day dinners to play.

Friday-- I had trouble remembering what I did on friday for a minute. Basically, Melanie came over again. She lives in Vegas and works/school all day long. So C, Melanie, and I marathoned season 7 of Buffy, tryng to get her caught up. We went to dinner at my dad's and had to pick Tessy up at the ranch on the way. Not that it's on the way. The ranch is like 15 miles further out of town then my dad's house, but whatever. Had another turkey dinner with all the trimmings. It was good. Dad, Ananda (his girlfriend), James, Tess, Moira (Ananda's friend), Javier (her husband), Me, Melanie, C, and eventually Quinn. It was fun. We teased Tess for a long time with a game of hiding her stuffed animal from her. Then Mel, C, and I went home to finish watching the eps.

Saturday--- is gonna go on for a long while so I think I make its own post.


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