Dec. 9th, 2006 10:56 am
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i am so proud to be a fan of firefly/serenity and all those involved with it.
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i'm watching Serenity for the first time in several months. still love it. and i think that the fact that Joss' speech from the screenings still moves me, is pretty dang cool.

also, it occurs to me that i need a new ringtone. anyone know if the Fruity Oaty Bars theme song is available as one? thanks!
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those of you who want to go and don't have tickets yet... don't worry! there's still seats! you can pay in cash at the door!

doors open at 6:30pm!!! come early... screening starts at 7!!

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OMG! Too awesome!
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Mark your calendars for June 22nd!!!
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taken directly from the fresno browncoats website.

The Fresno Browncoats are proud to take part in Serenity Now/Equality Now!

We will be hosting a charity screening of Joss Whedon's Serenity on June 22, 2006 at 7:00 P.M. at the Sierra Vista 6 Theater in Clovis, CA. All proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to Equality Now, a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping violence against women around the world. For more information, please contact us at

tickets are now on sale at the site.
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A tentative schedule has been posted... there's stuff all the way til 8:30 on Sunday! geez... we're definitely gonna need to find somewhere to crash...

Schedule of Events )
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since they took my tower away yesterday i've determined that i needed to find a computer or go slightly insane. of course since bob is here today that means i had to move away from my desk and that means that my phone ringing is harder to get to. which is bad because people are actually calling me! wtf? whatever.

so here i sit.

i just typed up the narration about the poor kid from yesterday. needed to get it out of my head so i could move on. and i've run around this building finishing up the pictures here. i still have a couple more places to go because i feel they need to be done. but i'm not planning much more. monday, i swear, i'm done. bah! and i have to show the thing next week friday! eep!

in other news... met up with the local browncoats last night for dinner and serenity. quite amused because it turns out that i know our defacto "captain"... he was my office depot delivery guy when i worked at Lehman's. HAHA. we used to talk about buffy and angel all the time. he doesn't have that route anymore, now he has downtown. which basically means he's my office depot delivery guy again. LOL. anyways... it was cool to meet some of the browncoats. i actually know Chris already. he's tight with my mousy. that was weird. i had no idea he was one of us. but i shouldn't be surprised he's a huge whedon fan. almost shames me. ;) also, met [ profile] pimpcook *waves*. and jane! who i think has an LJ and therefore i must get her LJ name...

anyways, it was still a fantastic movie. and its so much fun to see it with other fans! but i think i'm done for at least a week or two. i cannot sit in the seats for a while. i was in so much pain by the end of it... someone could've ripped my spine out and that would have made me very happy. also, had a major headache before it started... so at the end i kinda just wanted to get home and die. which is basically what i did.

what else? um... work is dull. i need to print up the chapters of my text that i have to work on. but i can wait til lunch. um... i'm so tired.

okay okay... i guess i'll wander over and work on a new excel document... that's always fun.


Sep. 26th, 2005 08:26 pm
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i officially have two extra tix to the press screening of SERENITY tomorrow night (tuesday 9/27). any locals want 'em? i don't want em to go to waste. not that they would, but i'd prefer to give to friends...
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my beloved traveling companions [ profile] briel, [ profile] _friendlyghost, and [ profile] blackgarden are totally on my shite list today. *goes off to cry* not that i blame them... i woulda been there if i could. but... for all of them to go... without me... and see the final cut... it's too much. *sobs heavily on keyboard* i want to see Serenity!!!

*pulls self together*

i'll be okay. later. after i get over being left out and the fact that apparently we only have blueberry stuff for goodies today. *mimics the bitter beer face*

last night i went in to turning point early. like 5pm. i was scheduled for 6. i was supposed to go early so Robert could show me stuff. again. and again... he wasn't there. it ended up being not so bad getting there early because i was able to grab some grub. but still... i coulda gone home! i coulda taken a few minutes to seperate stuff in my head rather then going from the day job straight into the internship. i ended up sticking around until almost 10. i was goint to leave at 9 but ran into Dwayne and he and i went to do some work in the office. he helped me plan out the treatment plan i have to turn in next week. and we talked a lot about behaviors etc. and dealt with the one dual diagnosis client at the facility. and we talked about him. he shouldn't be there. their not really equipped for such a psychosis. and even i've had to remind the other guys to keep their hands off him. he's on the last nerve of everyone. and he hasn't even been there a week!

i'm taking tonight off. not scheduled anyways. but i'm not going to add any hours and go in. tonight, after i get off work, i'm going home. thought i'd see who these people are that live in my house. and maybe get some mommy food. and not have to see 47 men grab themselves (what's with that anyway? none of them used anything that would've made it shrivel and fall off. i'm pretty sure it's still there. no need to check every 3.8 minutes!). i could go for some pizza right now.

not too much to do right now. thursdays are kinda dull. course it doesn't help that i really didn't want to get out of bed and that now my head hurts. and yes, the two are probably related. ugh.


Aug. 15th, 2005 11:12 pm
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i think its time for a new LJ layout. any one up to the task? [ profile] roniabirk is a goddess and has done mine for me the last couple of times. you up for it again?

thinking Firefly/Serenity this time... though i don't have any graphics i like.

so... seriously... anyone wanna help out?
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so last week i joined the Elvis Tightpants crew over on the browncoats site. and then i recruited [ profile] minion_of_glarg. and i just recruited [ profile] briel! woohoo! too bad ya don't get any points for recruiting. i could be rolling in it. LOL.

there's a yahoo group too, B. if you want to stay up to date. i need to go check the gallery and see what we still need for the scavenger hunt.

we still have room for like 7 more peopleon that crew... so if you're not already on one, join up!


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