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ok... maybe they were my rivals but i am very proud of Fresno High right now. click here to see why
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just saw a preview for the local 11 o'clock news... top story is on "odd" foods in the valley. i.e. pork blood, beef bile, grasshopper burritos, etc.

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the law is 7yrs or 70 lbs (i think it changed recently from the 6 yrs/60 lbs one)

in any case... DCFS needs to go and investigate this. at least through her butt in parenting classes. jesus. you should see all the horrified expressions of my co-workers upon hearing about this...
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Mummified corpse found in front of TV

the important thing to note is that she planned on coming back! she planned it! probably had a hot date set up or something. ugh. crazy old person!
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and i thought nothing could be worse then brit&kevin breeding...

Tom Cruise knocked up Katie Holmes
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i usually read through a bunch of sites before getting to LJ in the morning but i'm on a deadline today and wanted to do this while i could.

had some excitement yesterday. i didn't have too much going on workwise so i offered to go with marcy to go pick up her level 12 down in visalia and transport to the new grouphome in selma. joy. especially since the whole time before we left we were being reminded of how this girl spat on marcy and ralph last time she was moved. so... ew. so we went and got our car for the trip- caged car. so cool. but also very ghetto! LOL. and off we went. we missed our exit (it wasn't clear!) and so we ended up navigating city streets. and she decided she wanted to pee and i was thirsty so we passed the group home in favor of going to Mooney to a fast food place. and just before we passed in front of a school these two kids ran across the street and one of them made it and the other got hit by a car and then the two cars right in front of us collided! so we pulled over because we saw everything and wouldn't it go against everything we work for if we'd just kept driving? the kid wasn't hurt badly. he was hurt. but there was no broken skin and his leg was not at an odd angle. nor was he howling in pain. so due to the speed of the vehicle and the fact he got higher up his leg, i'd say more likely a hip injury then a leg one. but what do i know? the cop didn't need us because the guy that rearended the other car had had a better view and was a better witness.

so that was part of our excitement. the level 12 was fine. she talks a lot. for attention. talks about how the agency owes her money because she has no clothes. (she's a runner! whose gonna take her shopping?) blah blah blah and on the way to selma we hit traffic. and it turns out there was a tow truck towing another tow truck out of a ditch. O_o

so then we went back to get our cars and go home because dayum! long ass afternoon!

this morning i have to go give the ongoing workers a training on Ice Breakers. woobloodyhoo! i have to leave soon to go get the projector from downstairs. and then i'll probably just wander over to find the room since its a building i've never been too. grrrr.

my back hurts right now. i'm not sitting right. i'm supposed to tighten my tummy and tuck my butt under my shoulders. but i'm trying to eat a bagel and somehow the tight tummy is not conducive to that. so i hurt.

i'm gone! later y'all.
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just picked this up from [ profile] ljfresno and also saw it on [ profile] fiercerose's page...

From's Sour Grapes Blog
Coconut Club drama intensifies

Famous was sent an email from a Reel Pride Festival organizer about one festival supporter's experience with the Coconut Club, the Tower District restaurant that withdrew its sponsorship of the festival. So far this individual wishes to remain anonymous.

I am writing to inform you of my conversation I just had with the owner of the Coconut Club.

I called to notify him that I was no longer going to do business with his restaurant due to his backing out on the champagne brunch this last Sunday. I told him that it was in bad taste and that it was a bad move on his part being a new restaurant in the Tower District.

He explained to me that The Reel Pride Film Festival had lied to him. He said that the festival promised him a definite amount of patrons that weekend. When that didn't happen, he felt he shouldn't have to continue with the champagne party.

I responded by saying that his decision was unfortunate. I mentioned that I had dinner there 3 nights during the festival and I was planning on having a dinner party of 15 people next weekend. I told him that as a business man he should realize that building relationships with the community doesn't come overnight and that I was positive that there where others that had planned on coming back to his restaurant.

He then told to me that he didn't open his restaurant for "those people". His restaurant was for couples and their children. It was a family atmosphere. He also asked me to tell "those people" that he didn't want "them" in his restaurant ever again.

I then told him that I would tell everyone - gay, straight, male, female - not to go to a "homophobic assholes" restaurant.

The man made me cry. I can't STAND ignorant people like him nor do I want them in my neighborhood.

Please share my experience with everyone you know. This is really heartbreaking.

the coconut club is where the daily planet used to be. my family and i used to love the daily planet, went there every january for their b-day month specials. and we were all very sad to see it go. but i can tell you that if this is how the owner treats people... i won't be going there. and i hope none of my friends do either.


Sep. 14th, 2005 03:03 pm
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i hate actually having things to do. i've been doing some case plans for most of the day. trying to get rid of old ones that have been sitting in my log book as well as trying to make a dent in the list i've built over the last couple of days. i could actually achieve stuff if referrals would get closed and cases actually sent over... *grumble*

had to give a training this morning. went well except for the fact that only 2 people showed up. but whatever. was still a good training.

only one more class to go. i'm missing week 10 in favor of going to the football game. LOL. but i'd rather be there then be bored... so next week i have to turn in my journals and my portfolio. so i need to finish up the damn portfolio! LOL. but also, since i only have 16 hours left to do in my internship, i ought to be done round 6pm monday. so i'll actually be turning in more hours then needed. big yay there considering how much trouble i had with this damn internship. i've got my loan check for the next class already. i'll take it in next week. maybe. i can't wait for the next class. its independent. just have to converse with the instructor and have things in on time. course its a stats class so that sucks. but i've learned a lot about stats working on my project. plus james is a stats geek. and quinn took finals for like 6 people in stats classes and he's never studied it. so i ought to be okay.

since i've got the laptop with me at work i've been working on the committee project off and on all day. literally rolling from one comp to the other. hehehe. i have a ton of pics on my camera i need to upload to the comp. but so far i've seperated all the ones i've taken. and uploaded from the disk some of the ones the other guy took (i think there were like 10 i could use...) so i'm doing good. friday i have to go over to Crocker building and take them. and i still need to finish L St. and the SAS @ Central Desk. and Selma. and Craycroft. hmmm... maybe i can head over to Craycroft today/tomorrow...

did i make plans with anyone this week? i think i made some tentative plans for thursday with [ profile] pimpcook... touch bases with me, k? anyone else? cuz if i did make plans for this weekend... i may have to bail. i've got the 8 hr shift saturday and then i need to work on my portfolio.

what was i doing? carp. i can't remember what else i was going to say. guess that means i need to get back to work, huh?

bob and i have been feeling blechy for the last couple of days. nauseus and headachey. and now my neck and shoulders have gotten really sore. i need a rub. not a massage cuz i'm frightened of people hurting me. just a rub.
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oops. apparently there's a meeting this morning for my original project. oh well. i'll be over at heritage this morning taking pictures. can't do everything. the reminder for this meeting came out at 5:40 last night (the big boss works too hard!). kinda forgot about it and now i've got something else going on. i replied with my apologies and sent an update on whats been going on. a big fat nothing. but that's not important.

so yeah. taking pics today. going over to the mental health side of things. apparently they get a little snippy because we forget them. so i'm off to make them smile for the camera. woohoo.

what else? i'm off at 3:30 today so that i can go to the viewing this afternoon and not be late to group tonight. i'm going to leave at 10ish tomorrow morning and go to the funeral and then go back to finish my shift before heading to the football game. when am i going to relax? i owe mom housework so that'll have to happen on sunday. argh. i just want to take a nap. i'm either working til 9 or 10 tonight. depends on whether or not Henry has a shift buddy. if he doesn't, i'll stay til 10 if he does 9pm. i mean, i have to be back at 8am! i need to get some rest. and throw in the viewing and funeral and i'm already exhausted.

my coffee is cold already. but that also means drinkable. which do i want more, hot coffee or the ability to drink my beverage of choice?

my car is going to get a parking ticket today. i feel it. the fuckers who run the parking structure didn't send us our permit for September. we thought they'd sent it yesterday but it turned out to be a bill! fuckers. and they've deposited the money we gave them last week. so where's my permit??? i've got their number and mom already yelled at them. so when i get to my car later and it has a ticket i get to call and bitch at them. that'll be good.

i've got a new fic and author to do beta work for. squee. i'm very excited to read it. i'm saving it til later though because i don't want to start reading it and then have to run around today.

bob just promised to get me a chocolate milkshake today. he forgot yesterday.
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i would like to take a few minutes to say that i am exhausted! full week of work (with the additional stress of loss...) and several days of internship hours... can kind of knock a person down. especially since last nights internship time consisted of aftercare group therapy and sitting through the bulk of the film affliction (which has to be the slowest and most painful thing i've ever had to sit through). and today was a full 8 hours of supervising/observing 47 men who spent most of the day napping. bastards! they made me tired cuz i could see a bunch of them intheir bunks. and um... yeah... i had a massive desire to go and tickle one guys feet as they stuck out from under his blanket. bad me. but they were great feet! long toes and a lovely arch. i really wanted to tickle them.

um... yeah...

so... i finally got to come home and instead i headed over to target. went hunting for presents for the tessy monster. plus i wanted a specific item for me... and they ended up having a ton of clearance sales going on. hehehe. even some clearances on clearance stuff! i happened to find this adorable acrylic picture frame (it has little mice, fish, balls of yarn, and pawprints in the frame) and i declared that if they had two of them, i'd buy em. yeah... they had a second one. :)

anyways... i am now going to stare and then pass out.

did i mention that this morning while cleaning the facility van my car got washed too. hehehe. and they did an awesome job! it's so shiny! yay!
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mom and i were late to work today. massive traffic on the freeway. so we took city streets. and that was just interesting because of the insane amount of traffic...

i want to go home and go back to bed. i feel congested and sore. the pudge and i had a fabulous snuggle going on this morning and i want to get back to that. i nearly called in... but i didn't. damnit.

there are only 2 caseplans i can write but i can't write either of them without more information. and i'm not really in the mood to call people. so today is going to suck balls.

but i hear that there is armenian food. and i'm hungry. so i will go eat that. and find out how the car wars are going.

i'm gonna have my dead light fixed today. i kinda like the dark but i think i might get more done if there was light. so... let there be light. i'll miss the dark though.

watched the machinist the other day. good movie. took me half of it to get past christian being so damn skinny. i wanted to tie him down and feed him. it was nasty. but the movie was otherwise very good. strange though.

watched alone in the dark last night. had a definite indy feel. but with some decent effects. the thing that i disliked was that slater got to have a good hand to hand fight in the beginning of the movie and show off all these moves and why his character is different, etc. but when we got to the big stuff at the end... nothing. hid behind a crappy gun or ran. wtf? so i was disappointed with that. and also, stephan dorff was not used to his best advatages. :(

have troy. probably won't watch it tonight. i have to disks of QAF still that i need to return. yeah, yeah. i've had them forever. but i have whole periods where the idea of watching movies is not appealing. and others where thats all i want to do. i actually want to sit down and watch the entire Anne of Green Gables series...

but if i watch anything tonight it'll be QAF because then i can send them back and get water's edge. need a little filion fix.

so i was at the internship last night, expecting to sit in on a therapy but it turns out that the guys lost some privileges because they were busted with drugs and drug paraphenalia and some of them testes positive. uh oh. the guy that walked out on monday may have had his gf throwing stuff over the fence. argh. most of 'em were doign really well too! pisses me off. at him. at them. at the facility because group isn't a privilege, it's part of the program! take away tv and phone! take away the ping pong table. grrr.
i spent most of my time last night in the dorm office. has an observation window and i just watched the interactions between the men. strange. a lot of touchy feelyness. and so many of them are in or have been in gangs but they don't seem to have any animosity or violence... is this because of the situation? i'd like to talk to some of the guys one on one about this stuff. i won't, [ profile] motherkus, don't worry. but it would be interesting.

okay... my back is burning! wtf? i'm gonna go get some some grub.


Aug. 30th, 2005 11:03 pm
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have to thank the ever-lovely [ profile] briel for pointing it out to me... but if you go over to the CR main site... they're advertising the LR DVD. short preview. makes me giddy. can i have it now?
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ostriches are funny

drs appt went well. i declined new drugs though. i can live just fine with the ibuprofen. the big shiny pills are almost too much so i'll avoid them. thank you very much. but i did get a referral put in for physical therapy. and they called 30 min after i got back to the office. have an appt at the end of the month. i'd complain that that is a long time from now but i've got the appt and will therefore live. i hurt right now though. from doing the movements and stuff. and have a slight headache too.

wow. wandered away for a while. i was slightly bored and cold over in my own little corner so i wandered over to Lorraines and chatted with her. am much warmer now. but my head still hurts. oh well.

anyways, what was i saying?

mom may go up to SF this weekend. julie's baby is not doing well. apparently his kidneys stopped functioning and he is now on dialysis. 3 steps forward 2 and a half back. so julie's 2 best friends (who also happen to be workers mother adopted as her own chil'en) may go up to be with julie and the family. depends on the situation. etc. mom may go with them or she may just send a card. personally, i think it would be better for both mom and julie if mom went. wish i could go up too but i need to do my hours.

wow. that was a depressing paragraph. i'm gonna go ahead and play with subpeonas now because thats more fun and less depressing then staring at this entry any longer.
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well... i tied my record of 6 case plans in one day. not a personal best but not to bad for how crappy i'm feeling today. grrrr.

have a drs appt in the morning because my back still hurts and i've had some neck/shoulders tightness the last few weeks. i've got the coverage, might as well use it. besides, maybe i'll get referred to a good looking man doc who'll pet me and give me an adjustment. ;)

have hours to do tonight. god i hope i actually have stuff to do. i'm so bored.

i hate cliffhangers! just thought i'd share.

also... my extra userpics expire soon. am very sad about that.

okay... i'm gonna go stretch my back before i head out of here...

short post

Aug. 27th, 2005 06:49 pm
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we're home. technically we got here bout 2:30 but i'm tired and it's taking me this long to decide to post something.

had a loverly time in LA. sadly... there's no mummy in my mummy trip. however, i did get two extra postcards to send out... who wants one? addresses! um... had some super delish peruvian food thursday night. ceviche! canchas!!! james burped inca cola at me. bastard! the museum was good, though they confiscated my cameras, which made me less happy during the exhibit. i even ditched the audio tour and listened to tunes on the iriver instead. but so many pretties! shiny! i wanna have been an egyptian queen! :P lunch at the grove. always tasty. but also quite amusing as almost everyone else eating there was taking pics of their food! lol. wandered there for a bit before heading to the arclight to meet up with some friends of mine (*wave!!! big hugs!!!*)and see Brothers Grimm. movie gets the thumbs up. and i have further proof that my friends are whacko! hehehe. big kisses. oh! when we were waiting for my friends to get there we saw Scott Thompson Baker and Wallace Langham. and then when we decided to have dinner at the bar there, we saw Tom Green. he cut in front of us, but he went to the bar so we kind of let it go. hehe. post dinner found us parting ways and the family heading back to our hotel (which was an adventure all on its own!) and basically crashing out watching tv.

this morning we got up and headed over to the griddle cafe to meet [ profile] aimercat and her friend Kelly. aims had mentioned that Kel is usually late so even though we'd said 9:30 i didn't really expect them til later. so we got a table for us and ordered. they showed up when our food arrived. we lucked out that the staff decided not to be dicks and just brought over another chair so they could join us. james and i didn't even come close to finishing our food. hehehe. so we have leftovers in the fridge.

we parted ways and there was a small debate about whether we were going to the getty or going to grab some ceviche to bring home... but james decided to just go home. so we did.

that's my trip in a nutshell. looks like things went a little crazy round here while i was gone. hope Charlie is okay. and everyone else is too. have a lot of fics to catch up on too. and my [ profile] taruma16 is home! very excited about that. oh! did anyone not get Mike's radio appearance downloaded? cuz i think we should all have copies of all of the shoutouts he made to me. hehehe. and i'll happy reload it up for you. anything else? i need a nap. but first i need to eat something. am damn hungry.
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and then i am out of here! woohoo!

poop. i really hate protected cds. they cuz me major headaches! i just want to hear the cd, but becuase i generally listen at work or on my laptop the cds get all huffy because they might get copied. whatever. fuckers.

okay... nearly packed. i threw all my clothes in my bag last night. may add a nice shirt later though, haven't decided. as of right now the nicest shirt i'm taking with is the black tank i'm wearing right now. hehe.

[ profile] aimercat, is your butt able to get up saturday morning? i was thinking that my family needs to go to the pancake place... call me later.

by the way, y'all, i've decided to leave my laptop at home. so... call my cell if you want to talk to me. you can also text me your name and number via my userpage. the only way i'll be on a comp between noon today and saturday evening is if james takes his. which is doubtful. gonna kill me though, i'm in the middle of a couple of fics...

last night i had the opportunity to sit in a group therapy session at the internship. was really powerful and i really really really hope that the one guy is successful. he nearly broke into tears several times. i nearly broke into tears a couple of times. he's very passionate. so i really hope that he makes it. oh, he got asked what kind of crimes he did to go into prison... bank robber! i'm sorry... i had to keep from laughing because how fucking cool is that? i mean, i never want to be a bank when it gets robbed. i never want anything to do with a bank robber, or even criminal. but... i think it's the theatrical aspect... he's a bank robber! squeeee! LOL.

also, yesterday, i spent my afternoon with one of the girls that i've helped out on their cases recently. picked her up after she was 51/50'd. went to the foster home to get her stuff (did i mention she'd been placed at my neighbor's????). and then we stopped for ice cream. don't ask. brought her back to the office and just hung out while they tried to get a new placement. that was my afternoon yesterday. i have to document everything later this morning. i hurt for this kid. i do. she's one of the ones that i want to do whatever i can to help. ya know? but there's not much i can do. but i think hanging out with her instead of dumping her with someone else is something. so i feel like yesterday was a good day.

have to go to a meeting in about 20 minutes. stupid meeting too. i wanted to grab a disk from home to show them what i'm talking about... but... i forgot about it last night. and so i have nothing to show today. and i have to have something to show by next week. blah. whatever.

okey dokey... i'm heading over to see if the goddies are here yet... i'm hungry.
oh! did i mention my family was still sleeping when i left? again?!? bastards!
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the mom has training and was basically still in bed when i left today. the boy had not crawled out of bed either, even though he has class at 9. i am very grumpy becuase of that. i wanna sleep in too! i get to sleep in the car tomorrow though. so thats cool... but still... nothing beats sleeping in!

full day at work yesterday then i went to class (have no idea what we did... i was doing some sudokus) and then i went out to turning point. didn't really do anything while i was there- followed Gladys and Larry around- but i stayed for a couple of hours. i was supposed to do intake on two new clients but they didn't show by 920, so i went home. i have hours to do tonight. supposed to be 6-8 but since mom isn't here and i have my car, i'm going in right after work 5-8. then i'm going home and doind laundry and packing. and passing out.

went to bed a couple minutes after 11 last night. so glad i stayed up that long... got to chat briefly with some friends. *bouncebouncebounce* but i almost wish i'd just gone to bed when i got out of the shower because then maybe i wouldn't be dead on my feet.

i really have no idea how people can work two jobs. i'm exhausted! of course, if i was getting paid for the other one i would probably be able to work out a way to survive. i actually worked two jobs for a couple of months. blockbuster during the days and weekends and at the med lab weeknights. don't remember how i survived that... but i made it work. never want to do that again! lol

one of the lights above my cubicle is out today. i think that is making me less able to wake up because its dark like a cave in my space.

i should go check the fax machine and see if my fax ever came yesterday...

okay... so everyone knows that i'm going out of town this weekend, right? okay... i'm debating whether or not the laptop is going with. i mean, we'll only be gone 2 nights. but other then dinner i don't we have much going on thursday. and i'm not sure what the plans are for friday other then the museum. and saturday, once we check out of the hotel, we'll be in the car or wandering around... so, what d'ya think? yes/no? i already have two cameras and maybe the video camera. do i really need more then that? which reminds me, i need to charge the iriver tonight. and see about adding a couple more things to it.

can i sleep yet?


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