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i'm starting to get really tired of some people. i just noticed i was defriended by someone. sure, we weren't the best of friends, but we had common friends and interests. i enjoyed reading that persons LJ and had thought, by comments that they enjoyed mine too. however, apparently this is not the way of the world because for whatever reason, they've defriended me.


but i think it is extremely chickenshit to defriend someone and not tell them. i mean, obviously, if you are fighting with a friend and have got to a place where your friendship is basically over, a defriending is a natural occurrance. but i don't think it is for people who aren't fighting or anything. so therefore i think it's a common courtesy to tell people why they've been defriended.

i have defriended people because our friendships were over, but it was always their choice. i followed their example. i have always believed that i can work things out with people and thats why i won't defriend someone unless they've shut the door on me. i have defriended people who do not update their journals for a year or more. because there's no reason to leave them on the flist if they've stopped updating. but i cannot think of a time that ever just defriended someone...

this recent defriending is causing me to reconsider changing my LJ to friends-only. most of my posts are very open and public and i've never had a problem with that. but i've noticed a lot of backstabbing in other friends journals in the last few months. not that i think my friends would do that sort of thing to me. it's a chickshit way to treat people and to behave. but the idea that some of the people that have hurt me in the past can still see me, what i'm doing, who my friends are... and judge us... i don't like that. and there are specific people that i am referring to with that...

so what are the thoughts...

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