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also... happy birthday to my friend Cara.

and because i've seen it pop up in some coms and in some LJs... this hate stuff... god, can people please grow up? if you don't like something why are wasting your time thinking about it? that leads to bitterness and is unhealthy. but we have people making entire comms about stuff they hate? WTF? very annoying. if your a hater- bugger off. i don't have time for you.

in other news...
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went downstairs to toss my bills in the post box and passed by a woman who looked strikingly like my former best friend. right down to the hair style. it was really disturbing how just seeing this woman for 10 seconds brought up so much anger and bitterness for someone i have had no contact with for years. and really it has to do with how much of a fake that person was and how i changed and redesigned my life for her, even so much as being willing to drop EVERYTHING to go to her when she had a problem. thankfully, i never did that. but i was willing and she knew that. and she would dump all of her problems on me and force me to make her feel better. but she never listened to me. which makes the relationship extremely one-sided and why didn't i see it then? i don't know. but in one sentence she tore my world apart and made me feel like dirt. but also opened my eyes to how much crap she was full of. and she still is. which is really wrong. her priorities were wrong then and as far i know, they still are. honestly, i expect to see her as a client. that ought to tell you a lot. and ugh. i have a nasty taste in my mouth now. and i didn't even see her, just someone who looked like her

god i wish i still had the messages she'd sent me. i'd share them so you could all see how full of shit she was. but it's not important anymore. i've surrounded myself with positive people now, people who know me and who love and support me. and i thank everyone one of you. *hugs flist*

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in other news... went out with mom today. it seems we've somehow managed to crak the stovetop. well... it is 29 years old. damn. so, we went out to get estimates etc. but the measurements we took with us may be wrong. so we'll have to remeasure. but we have an idea of what is out there. blah.

i've been working on my stats project. i hate it! i hate stats! i really do! kill me before i ever do them again! it's due tomorrow. i sent my proposal to my instructor on monday. on tuesday he responded saying he would get back to me with comments. today he called and left me a message saying he was concerned because he hadn't heard anything form me. um... what? so i immediately emailed him back with his last email to me and saying that i was working blah blah blah. argh. so... more work. i'll be taking the laptop to work tomorrow i think.

did my pumpkins tonight. one is a cat profile. it looks like pudgey. and the other is scooby as a witch. i like that one, but i think i need to alter it if i do it again, make the spaces bigger. but they're cute.

i am undecided about dressing up tomorrow. last i heard, no one was doing it. so i'm debating. i have a gorgoes dress i'd like to wear but i dunno... it requires me to get up early and fix my hair and do makeup. argh. i may check my shirts and see if i have an appropriate shirt and just go with that...

mom is cooking the pumpkin seeds. yay!

ok... i'm off to do more work. fuuuun.
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i can't even tell you how cold i am! i've got my slippers on at work. does that explain? no? my slippers are uggs. better? good. last night the house was so cold i had to have a fire. it was either that or turn on the heat. and i don't want to turn on the heat until we have to because of how much the cost is going up. sadly... we don't have any firewood. but hopefully james will be smart and make the people that are going to cut up the tree cut us some firewood. cuz... i'm cold! the dog came in last night and promptly went to sleep in the pit next the fire. so cute!

smallville was a hoot last night. but also a craptastic ep. i say hoot because who didn't want buffy to die like that? and there were some great lines. "clark, there's no such as vampires." need i say more? but also... it was really pushing it story wise. and for james' sake... they couldn't have had the lesbian kissing actually one screen? come on! grow up a little smallville! lol.

sadly, everything else i watched was repeats. i hate repeats. i will be very happy next week when the shows come back.

mom is at home right now. there's something up with her foot and she ended up not sleeping last night. so she has an appt at like 930. and i didn't get any starbucks. poop. but there was coffee in the kitchen, so i'm not complaining. i know moms had a lot of issues with her feet the last few years so i wish they'd figure out what to do and just do it instead of making her sit around and wait. poor thing. (did everyone see that she has an icon now? [ profile] bloodshedbaby made it for her! LOL)

anyways... i'm hoping the office warms up soon. i'm FREEZING!
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went home a little after 330 yesterday. not that i was doing much before i went home, but i at least wanted to stick around as long as possible. but the fact was that i couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. even the drive home was tricky. and when i got there, i took some pics of the fallen tree, cleaned up some stuff, and crawled into bed. i think that was my favorite part...

stayed happily curled up in my warm little nest til mom turned the light on at 6:30. at which point i crawled out to the living room and watched some second season smallville. then i watched criminal minds and csi NY. both were good. criminal minds was the pilot ep, which i had not seen, and left me curious about some stuff because i missed the first few minutes.

crawled back into bed at the usual time and am now at work, at the usual time. so its back to regular schedule today which sucks. but is also good because i'm less tired when i'm on the regular schedule. its when i alter stuff... thats when my timing goes all wonky. and its bad enough that the time change is sunday!

i have nothing interesting to say.

we, obviously, didn't go to dads thing last night. there was a rumor he wanted to do dinner tonight but i have yet to hear anything definite. tess and i were considering having her go with james and i because ever since she moved out of my dads house and back into her dads house, her mother has basically been ignoring her. doesn't even respond to emails or IMs. so we were tempted to do that. but since i have no details about dinner... we haven't planned anything. poop.

i learned something new... apparently the money ananda uses to buy all these horrid horses... tess and quinns college funds. O_o i don't care how into horses you are... your kids need the opportunity to go to college more then you need a half dozen horses that you barely tolerate! argh.

okay... i'm going to have some coffee and see if there are any goodies yet.
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i am officially exhausted. i have been working since shortly after 7am this morning. which means, yes, i've been awake a helluva lot longer then normal. and this had made me very grumpy. however, i think that if i forgo lunch and do a little work right now, i'll go home early today.

the all staff meeting was this morning. that's the thing i was working on that work project for the last few months. i have been working and on my feet all day! and just want to pass out now. thank you very much. we had to use my laptop for one of the computers because the county ones don't have disk drives. and i got yelled at for using my laptop because i should use the county equipment. O_o yeah, okay... that makes a lot of sense. like i haven't been using my own equipment for everything else i've done. my camera to take all the pictures. my video camera to film the meeting. my tripod. my laptop to do all the video work. etc etc etc. they can bite me. of course, i was talking to andrea earlier and if i take on a bunch of other duties, i could get the county to buy me a new camera. not gonna happen. but its a nice dream.

anyways... the presentations from the departments were basically pretty good. a couple of them got very creative. but then some of them were so dull and boring! OMG! i wanted to die! lol. and i was stuck listening all morning! but i had some people say this one of the best meetings they'd ever been to. so that's good. we had music as people came in and left. we had my project running as people came in and left. there were movie posters encouraging our theme. there were bags as popcorn and soda. it was fun. and we only ran over our scheduled time by like 15 minutes! impressive.

mom was so cute as the wicked status quo. and i've gotten compliments on my performance as toto.

i'm gonna contemplate doing some work. i'd love to get some food but i've got too much equipment at my desk right now and i refuse to leave it.

oh... dad just called to tell me that tonight at 6 he's doing a presentation about the next peru trip at the art museum. natti and ananda have apparently made a lot of food. he wants me and james to show up and support him. O_o he says its open to the public... i think i'll be asleep or comatose at that time...
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last night we had quite the impressive thunderstorm, with some pretty spectacular lightening. even a little rain. it was cool. almost wish we'd had it on sunday as it would've been an awesome backdrop for the sgow but... it probably would've fried us too. and we'd had enough problems with our power on sunday as it was. when the guys arrived, our power was off and the PG&E guy was changing the connectors. that was a little worrisome. but all was well... ;)

and this morning, i was going to sleep in a little because i have to do set-up stuff for the all staff meeting tomorrow. meaning, i meant to be in at 9. but i didn't get here til 10 because i apparently turned off my alarm at some point... oops. but i'm at work now... blah. and i don't want to be. my boss is out. again. and i've been given the task of setting up a visit for someone. which is frustrating because i keep getting told not to do anything with visits and them *slam!* i get told to set them up or go supervise them. grrrr.

well... i suppose i need to go get some stuff done. i need to put the powerpoints for tomorrow on disk... eep.
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i'm starting to get really tired of some people. i just noticed i was defriended by someone. sure, we weren't the best of friends, but we had common friends and interests. i enjoyed reading that persons LJ and had thought, by comments that they enjoyed mine too. however, apparently this is not the way of the world because for whatever reason, they've defriended me.


but i think it is extremely chickenshit to defriend someone and not tell them. i mean, obviously, if you are fighting with a friend and have got to a place where your friendship is basically over, a defriending is a natural occurrance. but i don't think it is for people who aren't fighting or anything. so therefore i think it's a common courtesy to tell people why they've been defriended.

i have defriended people because our friendships were over, but it was always their choice. i followed their example. i have always believed that i can work things out with people and thats why i won't defriend someone unless they've shut the door on me. i have defriended people who do not update their journals for a year or more. because there's no reason to leave them on the flist if they've stopped updating. but i cannot think of a time that ever just defriended someone...

this recent defriending is causing me to reconsider changing my LJ to friends-only. most of my posts are very open and public and i've never had a problem with that. but i've noticed a lot of backstabbing in other friends journals in the last few months. not that i think my friends would do that sort of thing to me. it's a chickshit way to treat people and to behave. but the idea that some of the people that have hurt me in the past can still see me, what i'm doing, who my friends are... and judge us... i don't like that. and there are specific people that i am referring to with that...

so what are the thoughts...

[Poll #592537]
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so... i was encouraged to go read an LJ from a former friend. i use the term lightly because obviously i never really knew this person. and i have to say... ain't nothing but bullshit. lies and manipulations? look in the mirror, oh wise one, and see that you are talking about yourself and no one but yourself.

sadly, this former friend will never know how stupid they are because they refuse to look at the world realistically, only see things as they revolve around themself.

anyways... i'm truly sickened right now.
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my work computer crashed. dead dead. did a physical memory dump. and it doesn't recognize itself now. keerap. this means i have to do other stuff for the rest of the day. right now i've stolen bob's computer so that i can post this and explain how upsetting this is. without my computer, i have nothing to entertain myself with. seriously. i may have to write. which is good but since i can't type it... sucky too.

right now... i'm off to heat up lunch so that i can sit and stare at my dead computer. oh my life is fun.
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What kind of disease are you?


elizabeth is caused by bad television.

elizabeth will, upon infection, turn the infected into a hippie.
The only way to stop the spread of elizabeth is to raise bees in your hair.

in other news, one of my Serenity tix has a home. former boss B is a fan of whedon and of other shows that i like and i offered it to her. yay. still have one left...

and i'm a little P.O.'d because at the meeting today they talked about the project i'm doing as being "David and elizabeth's". um... no. i've used maybe 6 of the pics he took because they are CRAP. and if i'm saying that then you know they suck because i suck. if i took them and had them printed up, i would toss them. they are that bad. no faces. bad angles. lighting issues. ugh. they practically smell. so now my work is being credited to him? uh... no. i'd like to see him do what i do. grrrrrrrr.

i really hope i do well on the oral exam next week so i can get away from the ass kissers i am surrounded with.


Sep. 27th, 2005 08:52 am
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they messed with the web stuff again. i was reading a great fic and now it's blocked. sonofabitch! i'm gonna have to try and remember the details so i can finish it at home. grrrr.
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just picked this up from [ profile] ljfresno and also saw it on [ profile] fiercerose's page...

From's Sour Grapes Blog
Coconut Club drama intensifies

Famous was sent an email from a Reel Pride Festival organizer about one festival supporter's experience with the Coconut Club, the Tower District restaurant that withdrew its sponsorship of the festival. So far this individual wishes to remain anonymous.

I am writing to inform you of my conversation I just had with the owner of the Coconut Club.

I called to notify him that I was no longer going to do business with his restaurant due to his backing out on the champagne brunch this last Sunday. I told him that it was in bad taste and that it was a bad move on his part being a new restaurant in the Tower District.

He explained to me that The Reel Pride Film Festival had lied to him. He said that the festival promised him a definite amount of patrons that weekend. When that didn't happen, he felt he shouldn't have to continue with the champagne party.

I responded by saying that his decision was unfortunate. I mentioned that I had dinner there 3 nights during the festival and I was planning on having a dinner party of 15 people next weekend. I told him that as a business man he should realize that building relationships with the community doesn't come overnight and that I was positive that there where others that had planned on coming back to his restaurant.

He then told to me that he didn't open his restaurant for "those people". His restaurant was for couples and their children. It was a family atmosphere. He also asked me to tell "those people" that he didn't want "them" in his restaurant ever again.

I then told him that I would tell everyone - gay, straight, male, female - not to go to a "homophobic assholes" restaurant.

The man made me cry. I can't STAND ignorant people like him nor do I want them in my neighborhood.

Please share my experience with everyone you know. This is really heartbreaking.

the coconut club is where the daily planet used to be. my family and i used to love the daily planet, went there every january for their b-day month specials. and we were all very sad to see it go. but i can tell you that if this is how the owner treats people... i won't be going there. and i hope none of my friends do either.


Sep. 21st, 2005 11:02 am
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oh bloddyfuckingholyshiteforbrains kill me now.

my back hurts like you have no idea. *whimper* and it won't listen to me when i tell it that physical therapy starts next week. *moan*

have already taken the big ibuprofen, which is the strongest thing i have with me, and would very much like to take another but since its only been like 2.5 hours since i took it... can't take another.

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i swear to god! they have some nerd whose job is to sit around and determine what sites you can or cannot open. and if the site doesn't do anything for them (i.e. they're not getting laid because of it) they block it! seriously! couple weeks ago they blocked the media players from getting a radio stream. and today i went to myspace and it's been blocked! again! i'm gonna need to find a more direct route to get there or lose it as one of my pages that i frequent. fuckers. man... it's gonna suck balls when they clue in to livejournal...

so let's see... what's new with me? massive traffic on the drive in so mom and i got off the freeway and took the scenic route. course the scenic route had to include a stop at the worlds slowest starbucks. (i have so much coffeeeeee! i'm trading all my blood for caffeine!)

don't have much going on today. which is good. i'm too tired (caffeine hasn't kicked in yet...) to be chasing any projects. grrrrrr. have to do work for other peoples cases.

i'm thinking about taking a mental health day soon. like next tuesday. sleep in. nice quiet lunch. maybe a movie... doesn't that sound fabulous? it does to me.

i need to email hally...
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i'm just going to have buy a little air pop popcorn maker! our microwave hates popcorn. i put the bag in. waited. stopped it at the appropriate time, when the pops are a second apart. and when i went to open the bag, the damn thing has a ball of charred smoking remains in the center. now it's not a good thing to be waiting for the smoke alarm to go off because of your popcorn. it really isn't. and honestly, i'm still expecting it. i was finally able to stick my hand inside the smoke (which was stinging my eyes pretty badly, btw) and pull out the charred remains, which i then soaked in the sink until they stopped smoking. grrr. all i want is a little popcorn goodness but our stupid microwave is EVIL!

two things

Sep. 16th, 2005 09:52 am
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#1- last night one of my little convicts came into the office wanting some ibuprofen. however, he walked in and said "woman. can i get some tylenol?" which caused me to look at him with a raised eyebrow and say "excuse me? would you like to try that again?" and he looked at me. and tried to think (i think he may have hurt himself...) and then said "liz, can i get a pill?" and i said "close enough." and got him the ibuprofen. and he came back a couple of minutes later and apologized for calling me "woman" and said it was force of habit. i responded that maybe he needed to change that habit.

#2- don't you hate it when you email someone a question, that is important to you! and a prompt answer would be better then one that takes a long time to come, and they read it but don't respond? i sent my instructor a question about our portfolios because i lost everything (i.e. old papers) in the great laptop crash of 2005. the only thing i can find is the grant proposal from a class in April. the thing is it was a group project. though, you guys know my group provided only snippets of info and i wrote the proposal... so all 24 pages of it are mine. and i would like to put it in my portfolio as an example of my ability. but because the assignment was a group project i have an ethical/moral dilemma. so i asked for his opinion. and he has yet to respond! bastard! if i can't use it then i need to hunt through random disks and see if i have any of my completed/edited work saved on them. i don't think i do but... i'm not sure. and besides... that grant was good. i want to use that.

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so i just left my office to walk over and get coffee. well... coffee place was closed. d'oh! there goes my caffeine buzz for the evening. but i didn't want to just turn around and walk back cuz make a little stroll would wake me up a bit. turns out that the mall is covered with little kiosks today. basically a whole lot of keerap! fake bling. cheezy toys. etc. but i still walked past all of it. turned what was supposed to be a short jaunt for caffeine into a not so leisurely walk.

didn't help though. still tired. and unless i leave around 4:45, i won't have coffee before i go to the facility. sonofabiatch.

btw- the kiosks etc are because its mexican declaration of independence day. wonder if there'll be stuff out there tomorrow...
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staff are poopheads.

i'm supposed to take pictures today/tomorrow for this project i'm doing for this division meeting in October but most of my staff are ducking and hiding. admitedly, i want pics where they're doing stuff and not just sitting in their cubicles... but as i get started... i'll take what i can get. and they are not cooperating. butt munches. all of them.

though... so far i've got a handful taken and some are so cute! eeee! i love Lorraine's!

i'm gonna wander my building most of the day (when i'm not attempting real work or at my drs appt...) and then tomorrow Wanda (what is it she does?) and i are hitting a couple of other buildings... and this other guy David is supposed to be taking pics too. i ought to get quite a little collection. i hope!
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i want to go home.


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