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and if you don't celebrate the ritual sacrifice...


personally, i'm debating thai food, pizza, and a ham slice with mac and cheeze that i could make at home. horror movies have been vetoed in favor of either dawsons creek or firefly becuase i have homework to do. and i don't plan on getting dreessed until maybe saturday- PJs are the best!
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Of all the myths you have read, which one have you enjoyed the most?
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okay... someone, in simple terms, explain the process of finding standard deviation. PLEASE!!!

quiz 2

Jun. 21st, 2006 11:01 am
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just turned in my second mythology quiz. still have to write up this weeks discussion question answer. And i'm thinking tonight might be a good time to do some Stats homework.
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what place is associated with Loki?
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I've had so much fun posting these here and hearing your ideas... thought I'd continue doing it. This one isn't as much fun as last weeks but...

Which love myth do you find the most poignant or romantic—why?

also... on the noah one i posted last week... i chose cockroaches (they gross me out!) and the dodo bird. but i loved [ profile] senidel's suggestion of man so i included it as well.

fuck yeah!

Nov. 8th, 2005 05:47 pm
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grade got posted for the stats class tonight... click here )
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the first of the Religion tests is up here.

i'm planning to go home at noon today. mom has drs appts and i have a headache. the only reason i didn't call in was because i made a bunch of calls yesterday and wanted to check messages and continue making calls. course when i got here the phones weren't working. grrr. they are now. and only one person had called me back. i'll call her back soon. then someone else called a little bit ago. they work 8-5 and can't do a meeting anyways... double grrr.

i think i have a meeting at 10. but half the people who ought to be there are out today. plus, i have nothing for it. and no one has gone about reminding me. therefore... i doubt i'll be there. i'll just continue with what i'm doing.

my right eye is blurry and dry. weirdness.

btw- the movie in this icon... turns out its from the netherlands and is a coming of age story about a 16 yr old girl who wants to be a ballerina but meets a boy who turns her into a hooker. teehee. makes me love it even more. its supposed to be a really good movie but it sounds little foreign porn.
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here's the first of the study tests... O_o

Read more... )
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why is that the last few minutes of a work day where you didn't really do anything always draaaaaaaaag on? ugh. i desperately just want to go home! but i technically still have 25 more minutes. so... another 10 and i'll start cleaning up. that'll get me out of here about the right time... if i count the drive over to get mom as work. which i do. ;)

i've got half of the first test typed up and posted, privately for now, in my LJ. i'll finish that test this evening and then post it publicly. i'm posting the questions from the practice tests. some of them i know the answers to. many of them i don't. but i do have a book that i'll be reading and i'm gonna be googling stuff. what i'm looking for is any knowledge you guys might have. so if you can answer the questions (preferably with details! teehee!) i'll love forever and ever.

got hung up on twice by the same woman today. and i had one guy who's case is downstairs, tell me he wasn't interested in an Ice Breaker. flat out refused to do it. what can ya do? not a whole helluva lot i tell ya.

i did not get any writing done today. i'll save it for tomorrow and work on the religion stuff tonight.
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It's so weird to go back. I spent four years wanting to get out and now I go back and HS feels comfortable. Has anyone else noticed that? No? Just me? Oh, well, I always a weird duck.

Took Tess and my mom with me last night. I past my Roosevelt the other day and saw a sign for a performance of "An Evening with Rodgers and Hammerstein". Since some of my favorite musicals are theirs I thought it would be fun.

Turns out it was kinda a choir concert. Roosevelt has 5 choirs and they each did 2 pieces and then there were also a few soloists.

Tidbit about Roosevelt-- has a "mini" school in it, Roosevelt School of the Arts, RSA. RSA is for performing and visual arts. Its a magnet school and you have to audition to get in. Tony award winner Audra MacDonald is one of the graduates as well as Christopher Gorham, from "Popular".

I expect a lot from any show I see there. We were the best in the area when I was a student. Even better then a lot of the adult run theatres. The choirs have won tons of awards. Get it? I expect the best.

I did not get the best. The ensembles had whatever they wanted on. They should have been in matching (UGLY!) outfits. Some of them looked like they were ready to go clubbing! And they were so bored looking. They had no power behind their voices. Very dissapointing. PA Singers, a performance group- they have to be able to sing and dance and should ALWAYS have a smile- were so off. I was bored by them. Sweet Harmonies, a new all female group, was the only group that was entertaining. They did a rendition of the Stepsisters Lament from Cinderella that was just charming.

The highlight and truly only memorable performance was by Max Bennett-Parker. I'd guess he's at least a junior. He did a solo of Soliloquiy from Carousel. That boy had charm and sleaze all rolled into one. Started off by preparing-- took off the tacky PA vest and bowtie, mussed his hair, untucked his shirt, and told the audience to get comfy. I've only heard two or three good perforances of this song. And only one of those was live. This one was so good. That boy had power. I wanted to jump up and give him a standing ovation. He's so young and he was.... just amazing! Wish he was older. He was cute, too.

Well, guess that about covers that. I'm sorry I missed their recent production of Oklahoma. It would have been interesting to see if it was the same choreography as we did 7 years ago. They're gonna do "The Three Musketeers" in January. Ought to be interesting.


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