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and if you don't celebrate the ritual sacrifice...


personally, i'm debating thai food, pizza, and a ham slice with mac and cheeze that i could make at home. horror movies have been vetoed in favor of either dawsons creek or firefly becuase i have homework to do. and i don't plan on getting dreessed until maybe saturday- PJs are the best!


Mar. 16th, 2006 08:27 am
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OMG! so i was just reading through my flist... and i was skipping through the comms because most of them were annoying today, not the fics or the manips but i can't enjoy those at work anyways, and there was a short entry- maybe 3 lines- in one of the firefly comms... that had massive spoilers for last nights Bones! which i haven't seen!

OMG! cut tags! they're not that hard to use! jesus! OMG!

well, i don't need to watch the ep now... sonofabitch!
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okay... i am so not a spoiler whore. i was. but i worked hard to not be one anymore. this goes for any and all of my shows. but so many people in my coms have been talking this morning about the new pics up at kryptonsite for james' next appearance on smallville. and OMG! i absolutely adore the comments under each pic! ROFL! i'm intrigued about the possible storylines represented by the pics, too. why do i have to wait another 2 weeks for new eps!????! grrrr.

*goes back to laugh at the comments again...*


Feb. 13th, 2006 08:48 am
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turns out passions started last week. i'm a week behind. i'll never catch up. i'll just have to wait for it to come out on DVD.

shoot me

Feb. 1st, 2006 10:12 pm
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my day has gone downhill since lunchtime. don't ask. but to top it off... i'm running a fever and going to bed as soon as i let my cats in and lay clothes for tomorrow. made me very uncomfy during bones. i wanted to close my eyes... but it was bones!

anyways... i'm off to bed. please let tomorrow be a better day.


Dec. 26th, 2005 05:40 pm
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soi was channel surfing this afternoon on my new TV (details later) and i happened upon a SEAQUEST marathon on Scifi! SCORE! i'm a happy little lucas fan. *does a little cyber dance*
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God. It's been hours since I've had a chance to update this. I had to go back to the last entry to see where I'd left off.

Saturday (cont)--- Okay. So they finished their really short set. Maybe 40-45 minutes. And that's pushing it. We got one encore. A new song. Interesting. And then they were gone. James kissed one girls hand and shook hands with a few others. M and I were like "I want my hand kissed". :) We wandered outside to get the single. I knew that since I couldn't take any pics, some people would be a little ticked if I didn't come home with something. And since I'm such a good friend, I bought a copy for C. Thought about giving it to her for Xmas but went ahead and gave it to her last night. Then as M & I are waiting on the corner for Deb, Kelly Osbourne walked by. We did double takes. There was no meet and greet, but Charlie and Kevin walked by for a sec. I think I recall M looking away when Kevin came by. But I'm not too sure. Then the three of us headed down the strip for drinks at a bar whose name I do not remember. (Deb? M? any help here?) Then off to 7-11 for more drinks. That was followed by some adventurous driving and a quick game of "this is your life" as we passed by a bunch places M knew a a kid. Back at the hotel, it was 2 o'clock, and we started playing the Buffy game. M checked with Yoda and he said that she was gonna win. She was like "Not gonna happen", cuz I guess she never wins at games. I had to explain the game (trust me when I say that the instruction book sucks). But we had a really good game. I hope they had as much as I did. And, BTW, M did win. Well, technically both M and Deb won cuz they were playing the good characters and I was evil, but M threw the killing blow to the Master. So at like 5am we took Deb back to her place. Can I just say how refreshing it is to be out after midnight and still have people out. Fresno dies at like 930pm. Totally sucks. M and I just totally crashed when we got back.

Sunday-- I woke up at 841. 941. 1015. The last is when I finally got up. We made it out of the hotel just on time, checkout time being noon. And then off to Denny's for food since we were both starving. Post lunch was a stroll through The Grove. So pretty. Wish I had money to buy things. And, this is where it gets wacky weird. We're walking along and pass this restaurant, apparently some people she (we, kinda) know work there. These people know other people, who just happen to be Eric and Adam from Common Rotation. So we're talking and walking and who should walk by us? Eric and Adam. So we stopped and talked. They looked so good. I looked like crap but whatever. Who cares about me? Got my first Adam hug, though. I usually get hand shakes. Felt all special. It was surreal.

Everything kinda becomes a blur after that. No, not because we ran into Adam and Eric. More because I was exhausted and still had a three hour drive home. So, took M back to her car and drove home. Massive jam at Magic Mountain again. They're doing construction there til like 2004. Sucks. Got home at like 830pm. Told the tale to mom and C. Watched Angel. And was dead to the world by 1030pm. Ont the up side, I woke up this morning to GotR's "David Letterman". I have been running around work like a chicken without a head. I'm so frickin' tired. Haven't even had a chance to read other people's entries yet. Gonna actually have to fight my way online when I get home.

Oh, wait, I haven't explained the subject line yet. James Marsters. Tight shirt. He was happy to see the crowd, headlights were on. And it was not cold in the Viper Room. So, the shirt is tight and you can see his pecs, right? So, he starts singing and the pecs start dancing. Not together. They have their own rhythms. I kept trying to watch the other guys but my eyes kept getting drawn back. Disturbing, yet intriguing at the same time. :)
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God. I feel like it's been forever since I last updated. I hate trying to get online from home. Inevidebly, everytime I get online someone goes to use the phone and I get disconnected. So I have no idea what others have been up to and I have tons to say. I guess I'll just break it down by days.

Wednesday Night-- got home with exactly 2 things that I planned on doing and in a BAD mood. Needed to grade James' exams as he wanted to return them to his students today and I was gonna be gone saturday and sunday. And I needed to make my contributions to the T-day feast before the oven became unavailable. I started working on the tests and Gracie, one of the Korean girls living with us, came and started helping. I'd finish one test and she'd give me the next. It was kinda fun and got me out of my bad mood cuz it made me laugh to have someone to bitch to about all the stupid mistakes the students were making. And then she helped me make my desserts. That was fun too. Now for the true fun of the evening-- my mother said we could invite dad to T-day dinner. So, I did.

Thursday-- spent the early part of the day doing last minute cleaning. And avoiding people. James came over at about noon and took over my TV for football as the Buffy marathon was playing in the livingroom. Didn't matter to me. Dinner was at 4, so about 320 James and I went out front and started tossing around the football. I will never be a quarterback as my arm hurt so bad the next day. After dad showed we all sat down to dinner-- my mother, father, brother, the 3 girls, and Charise. What an odd family I have. It was interesting. To say the least. After dinner we children started our annual tradition of the Buffy game. We played for hours and had tons of fun. I think James has played Risk or D & D to often, though. He startegizes every move. Pretty funny to watch. We got the girls to play, too. And two of my friends, Brenna and Melanie, came over after their T-day dinners to play.

Friday-- I had trouble remembering what I did on friday for a minute. Basically, Melanie came over again. She lives in Vegas and works/school all day long. So C, Melanie, and I marathoned season 7 of Buffy, tryng to get her caught up. We went to dinner at my dad's and had to pick Tessy up at the ranch on the way. Not that it's on the way. The ranch is like 15 miles further out of town then my dad's house, but whatever. Had another turkey dinner with all the trimmings. It was good. Dad, Ananda (his girlfriend), James, Tess, Moira (Ananda's friend), Javier (her husband), Me, Melanie, C, and eventually Quinn. It was fun. We teased Tess for a long time with a game of hiding her stuffed animal from her. Then Mel, C, and I went home to finish watching the eps.

Saturday--- is gonna go on for a long while so I think I make its own post.
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I want to start off by saying that I feel great. My mom told me to leave work yesterday and go over to the hospital for "indigent medical care". She said she'd cover me. So I did. But they were rude and said that a) I didn't make enough money to qualify and b) there were no appointments available until febraury. I was like "fuck this!". So I was like where can I go? and she said I'd have to go to a walk-in but they'd want cash. I didn't have cash so I figured I'd have to make some calls. Long story short- I went by my old doctor (haven't seen him in years) and the secretary told me to go to this Urgent Care place and say I was his patient. They saw me in like 5 minutes. The doctor was really nice. And instead of hooking me up with expensive prescriptions, he gave me the pharmecutical samples for what I needed. Feel so good. Whole thing cost me $133 (cuz they gave me a discount for paying the whole thing). Yay! I can kinda hear. And there's no pain. He said my ears were redder then my hair. :)

Stopped by Tessy's school on my way home and ended up taking her to ice cream and out to her horse. Which meant that I stayed out there for like 2 hours cuz I didn't want to leave my 14 year old sister alone in the middle of no-where. Took some pics of her and "Hotty", if I could figure out how to do it, I'd post them. She's all excited about having t-day dinner on friday at my dad's. So cute.

And that brings us to today. Except I have to say one thing about last nights Buffy-- WOW! We were totally into it. And Smallville-- the paint was still wet on those "ancient" symbols. My parents are both into archealogy and anthropology so we grew up on this kind of thing. I think I've seen every indian burial in the continental US and tons of places elsewhere. Bad set people. Do your research. Or risk the scathing comments of viewers like me. (OK, not so much with the scathing, but its the thought that counts, right?)

My bosses dad (who still works here but in a diminished capacity) brought me a box of See's candy. He brought Turkeys for everyone else but I said that we had enough turkey already so he brought me candy. Isn't that sweet?

I have venting and griping to do about people, but that'll have to wait til the lunch hour or this afternoon sometime. Maybe I won't get to it for a while. That'll save everybody the torture of listening to me bitch.

Kris is officially insane. She just found out she's pregnant (waiting for the doctor to confirm it of course) and she's sitting at her desk thining she's getting fatter as the day goes on. So funny.

Work beckons. And I actually do have a stack of things to do. toodles.
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So my ears aren't feeling any better. I've been using an old perscription of drops but I think it may be too old. Doesn't burn like it used to. Sucks. I can't see a doctor cuz I don't have any insurance. Though Kris is trying to expedite that. She's a good boss. Poor thing. I've had control over the music in the office today and I've been torturing her with Buffy music (the old soundtrack, ASH's album, etc). hehehe. I feel so yicky today that I actually brought a can of tomato soup for lunch. Why, you ask, am I still here and not home in bed? Cuz Kris has to leave at 145pm to go to a parent/teacher conference for her kids today. Can't go home. Have to run the office. Damnit.

I had something else I wanted to talk about today... what the hell was it? OH! right. So we were watching Buffy last night (family night at my house as James comes over for dinner with me and mom and, now, Charise when she ditches church) and we were speculating on the big evil of the season. NO SPOILERS HERE!! THIS IS COMPLETELY A JOKE!! UNLESS IT HAPPENS TO BE TRUE AND THEN I WILL JUMP AROUND GOING "I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU!" Okay, so we were talking about who/what it is and we came up with ---- Joss! The end will be Joss walking out and doing something. No makeup or scary costume, just Joss. Or have him walking out of the mental institution after having messed with pathetic "real world" Buffy for the last 7 years. Okay, so we were clearly smoking something when we thought of this but it was really funny last night.

Just left a message at my dad's checkig to see how he is. Apparently he has kidney stones that started passing saturday (he missed the game because of them). Thought I'd see how he was doing. But he wasn't at work or home. So either he's out doing something or he's at the doctor. Huh. *shrug*

ADDENDUM TO EARLY BUFFY COMMENTS-- Anyone who is in the Fresno area on Tuesdays or Sundays, let me know. We love people over during Buffy/Angel (people who are into the shows, NOT people who will be talking bout other stuff!).

I think that's about it. I'm gonna mosy on over to the sink and wash out my soup cup now. Exciting, huh? :)
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You've seen that car ad, right? The one where those guys are camping and they hear banjos and get up and run back to their SUV an run away. I know its Deliverence. I have a brief knowledge of why, but I need more info. I had the movie over the weekend but never got around to watching it.

I totally forgot to mention that I changed my hair color. It's weird how your hair color can change the tint of your skin. I had a soft brown color (had some honey in it) and it made my skin a little bronzier. I am happily incredibly pale. But I died it back to a dark red. They call it Pomegranete (I know I didn't spell that right). But it put pink tones in my skin. It's just weird. And kinda cool.

Okay, I need to vent. Fog. It's a beautiful thing. I love it. Makes me want to be outside. (I have a strong hatred for the sun) But people do not know how to drive in it. I was on the FREEWAY this morning and the car in front of me would not go faster then 30MPH. GET THE FUCK OFF THE FREEWAY! Clearly she was afraid of driving in the fog or she didn't know how. --{portions of this post have been deleted due to graphic language. we now return to the regularly scheduled post}-- so I finally get around her and take off down the freeway, I could see her in my rearview STILL doing 25. I was laughing so hard. I'd say that the whole thing raised my stress level. It would have if I was any of my friends but I actually think it relieved more stress then it created. Ya know, cuz I was violently cursing. I feel pretty good right now.

Except for my ears. Inner ear infection. Both ears. My jaw hurts so bad. But I have no insurance right now. Can't see a doctor. Can't get any meds. So I suffer. But I swear, if I don't stop hiccuping soon I am going to go postal.

Should have asked Yoda if today was a good day to call in sick. Time to get back to work.

BTW-- can I just say right now how jealous I am of those of you who A) went to the "joint" or B) went to Molly Malones on Sunday. Wish I could have gone. Think it would have been possible to do the Joint gig and get home at a decent enough hour to make it to work, except for the grapevine being fogged in. Remind me I need to move. Must find a job and a place to live in LA.


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