Feb. 20th, 2006 07:24 pm
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am home.
am not feeling up to par.
am going to die soon.
just saying.
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yesterday was... interesting. it had its highs and its lows and plenty of... OMGs! so yeah...

what? you want more then that. crap.

gonna have to do this in bullet point because i am pretty brain dead at the moment and am afraid it would end up as one long run on sentence.

*[livejournal.com profile] briel, [livejournal.com profile] blackgarden, and [livejournal.com profile] _friendlyghost arrived, after getting a bit of a late start, friday night. we watched a wee bit of television and then headed to beda little after 12. we'd had some discussion regarding what time we ought to get up. my thought of 6am was vetoed in favor of something later but abby got up round 6:30 and so we all kinda woke up then too.

*okay so maybe we awoke before 7, we still didn't leave the house til 8:30ish. after a stop at starbucks, it was on to the wild blue yonder... err... LA.

*kristy drove down and abby and i kinda zonked in the back. whih is very weird for me. *shrug*

*got to Universal Studios near 11:30 and after giving directions to cate and her dad (who were lost), we made it up to the ticket booths to discover that the serenity fan fest was... SOLD OUT! fuck! called cate to tell her but she said she was still going to go to the park. so we ended up wandering citywalk, met up with cate, and we 5 went to lunch at the hardrock. lunch was interesting because they kinda reversed what briel and i had ordered so we got two bited and then had to wait while it was redone. but the waitress was cool. after lunch we met up with cate's dad to give her back (lol) and saw that the SOLD OUT signs were down. so i asked the ticket lady and she said that it was still sold out and was already in progress anyways. seems like they sold out at like 9am or something. fuckers. so we were quite disappointed.

*to ease our disappointment and to make the $10 parking fee valid, we went to see Just Like Heaven. it was cute. music was a little cheezy. and we all talked a bit during it, i was waiting to get thrown out. and i was too entertained by the fact that there was an abby and an elizabeth in the movie. yes, i am that easily entertained.

*to headed out from there and kinda just drove around. we drove through Griffith Park and then basically just let Briel drive wherever. we went by a Target to get a card for Matt (who wasn't there, so she still has it...) and abby and i went in search of new sweaters.(good thing too cuz can you imagine if we hadn't gotten new warms, abby? shit) left there, contemplated dinner, decided we weren't that hungry, and headed down the 101 to the 110. traffic sucked ass. as it should, being a saturday night and all. but... grrr. LOL.

*after going in the wrong direction for a bit, we eventually found the building we were supposed to be at. the girls did their changing and gussying up in the car (which also killed some time as we were told not to show up early). we headed into the building and signed the waiver forms and were then escorted to the roof (and told that they were having a bit of a power issue). gee, i'm glad i took a blanket with me... 'twas bloody cold up there!

*important fact to remember... we got there at 8pm.

*we picked out some nice seats right behind the couch. and enjoyed the view of the set. very cool. lots of little touches to make it feel like an intimate living room.

*didn't really see anyone we knew til [livejournal.com profile] kat_eyz showed up.(btw, didn't get to say goodnight so... 'NIGHT! lol) and also i was getting cold and tired. cue desire to be grumpy. (oh... deb told us that the people she'd talked to about the fan fest were disappointed with it because... well a lot of things. we knew joss wasn't there but then we found out that the autographs was basically just pre-signed shit. and the whole thing was fairly lame. we felt less disappointed for missing it when we heard that)

*i think the power came on round 9 something and we were told it would just be a little longer. round 10 the guys finally came out. finally! and then just as they were getting their groove on... LAPD chopped starts doing a sweep to the south of us. so that got in the recording. grrrr. they did 2 or 3 songs with it and then stopped. but i guess they didn't want to just leave us all sitting there in the cold, so adam and eric and sometimes jordan etc came up real close and did some songs. they filmed that too, but it was really informal. it was like the end of a regular show, when the guys come out into the audience and just do their thing, ya know? anyways, the copter finally stopped and we were able to continue. the set was good. and we basically heard it twice because they went back and redid the beginning songs. by then, though, it was really only us diehards that were still there. seems everyone else left. went from 75+ to less then 20. they finally finished sometime after 12.

*course then we had to wait. but we were apparently on the wrong floor. and we were started to be very hungry and tired... sowe left. at almost 1.

*the denny's in valencia was not very busy went we got there, so we were finally able to get some food in. and then i drove the grapevine. i was going to drive all the way back but my eyes were really bothering me and i was doing a lot of my driving by squinting. so i handed the reins to abby. but being up and not driving wore me out, that and the fact that briel and kristy were asleep in the backseat, so i'm afraid i crashed out on abby. but i awake up at the city limits and was able to give her the directions to the house.

*my clock said 5:38 when we got in and got ready for bed. i took the dog from the boys room. and crashed. james let her out before he left for football this morning. and i got up at 12 something to find the girls were awake, if only just.

*they left just before i started this, so i anticipate they'll be posting their versions of events much later and we'll see how they compare. as for me... i'm going back to bed.


Sep. 18th, 2005 03:17 pm
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*pokes head into LJ*


hello all.
yesterday i finished my internship. a week and a half early. yay. go me. and remember how i was completely stressed? worked to my advantage because otherwise i don't think i would've pushed myself so much. i missed my free time though. and my family. so big huge giant yay to being done. SQUEEEE! yesterday was a weird day there too. mostly i had nothing to do and nearly fell asleep! *snort* at least i was in the office with the door closed and the lights off so the guys didn't know. the only reason i woke up was because anthony came in. hehehe. he came in to nap too cuz he was sooooo terribly bored and it was too hot to be outside. but earlier annette had to run a group session. mind you, no one told the guys they had to go to group on a saturday so they were pretty unhappy about it. and they grumbled throughout it. and they didn't take it seriously, making jokes. but it got pretty exciting at one point because annette started getting fed up with their behavior and started kicking them out. and then this one old guy got up and started talking about how since women had gotten the vote they'd been trying to take control. and that those bitches needed to learn their place. and then referred to annette and i as bitches. bitches that needed to learn where we belonged. needless to say she got in his face and told him to get out. he continued and she reacted and told him to get his bitchass out. he said he'd take his man-ass out. and he left. i was pretty damn offended but stayed quiet. at the end of group one of the other guys came up to both of us and apologized for his behavior. i said that that was all well and good but unless it was an apology from the guy it didn't mean too much. annette told me she was going to write him up and talk to the program manager. about an hour later the old guy came to the office and apologized to us, said he knew we were ladies and not bitches. and for the rest of the day he was acting all innocent and saying to me "how are you doing today miss?" i basically ignored him. after lunch, annette had spoken to the program manager and told me i had to do my own writeup for the old guy. i included everything, including the other guys apology and the behavior of the old man after group. (i also got to write up another guy for non-compliance during group because he was sleeping.) that was my excitement.

i need to go look at my portfolio and see what i still need to do to finish it. not much, i think. but i only have the rest of today and tomorrow night to finish it. eep! but then once i turn it and my journals and hours in on tuesday i am done with this class and have nearly two weeks before my next one!

i am waiting, impatiently :P, for details on a non-rumor rumor (meaning it's been confirmed...) i'm SQUEEEEEEEing about it and can't wait to get those details. hope they don't conflict with anything else. cuz that would seriously suck!

it's been decided that our trip to LA this coming saturday will be an all day thing instead of just a quick down and back thing. i'm guessing [livejournal.com profile] briel, [livejournal.com profile] blackgarden, and [livejournal.com profile] _friendlyghost will be here friday night so we can get up at the butt-crack on saturday to head south. we've added the serenity fan fest to our trip. and then after that we're heading to the CR show. and then eventually back here to crash. gonna be a long ass day. none of you are online right now, so one of you please confirm everything with me, k? thanks.

came home yesterday and promptly crashed for like 3 hours. LOL. that was cool. snuggled with my pudge. mmmmm... warm kitty snuggles! and right now i wish i could crawl into bed and snuggle more.but i have to get things done. poop.

catch y'all later.
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okay... first off- thank you and big hugs to all you for this weekend. i will be responding to each of your comments individually but til i get a chance to do that... *HUGS*

long days at the facility. though i took sunday off (not that i was scheduled... but i could've gone in... too tired though). was interesting on satruday because someone *cough*Gladys*cough* slept through her alarm and was a wee bit late for her shift. which would've left me alone with the guys, which would've been fine because a) they didn't know that and b) they were cleaning, but i pouted and chris stuck around. which was cool because i got to talk to him. he works midnight to 8am so i've never spent more then 2 minutes in his presence. lol. but we got a chance to talk about the fact he's leaving to go to UCLA etc. it was good to have the facility to come back to after the funeral because i think i could've been a blubbering mess for the rest of the day if i hadn't had to go back. and that wouldn't have been good for anyone. plus, when i got back the guys were in the middle of a crash. they were being yelled at by one of counselors because they've been trying to get away with stuff via the staff.

not gonna say much about the funeral because really what is there to say? i was a little dissapointed by people who didn't show up. mostly the people in my units. everyone else who showed got bonus points in my head. i finally broke down into tears, first time, when they took the casket out and it only took two pall bearers to move it. not even sure it really took two. but that got me. as for the service, i could tell you it was beautiful but i didn't think it was. it made me angry and upset. too much talking about a benevolent god. not to start anything but what kind of a benevolent god would take the life of a baby?!?

*deep breathes*

football game was good. i met up with james at the tailgate and the guys he was hanging out with... two of them were all GQ'd and one of them was already drunk off his ass. LOL. we went into the game and those two bought their tix off a scalper. o_O oookay. and they dissapeared halfway through the first half to go look for chicks. which apparently turned into calling a cab and going to martini bar out on friant. o_O ooookay. anyways. we won. of course. 55-17. two great TDs. only one of which made ESPN (and that was the only thing that made ESPN... didn't talk about the score or the game or anything! fuckers.) tried to get money out of my dad. but he refused. he was supposed to be there with Natti but he ahd Quinn with him. dad insisted that since james and i are both fulltime employed we have money of our own. so he wouldn't pitch into the cotton candy fund. ass. not like i really expected him to. but it woulda been nice for him to surprise me. just once.

watched a couple eps of smallville yesterday. need to set the VCR for Bones and House tomorrow. unless, i don't go in to the facility after class. depends on how my hours are when i add 'em up later. returned a movie today that i hadn't watched. but i want the next thing on my list.

oh! very exciting. got to talk to my best friend the other day. SQUEEEEE. nice to touch bases. been awhile. but i think that'll change once things get settled. and i got to talk to H. yay. finally. we were talking about her maybe coming down and going to Serenity with me and the family on the 1st. cuz i don't foresee going before then. that would be cool. plus i just realized that her birthday is during that week... so it would be good to see her. hehehe. wish i could get together with a bunch of people to go to the movie with but... i think everyone is gonna go friday. and i can't take the time off work. and i don't want to try for friday night. and on the weekends, its just easier to go see brandnew movies on sunday mornings when everyone's in church. so... hopefully it'll work out and she'll come down. and maybe we can get a few others to come play too. if not, my family needs to see it. LOL.

and i think that's enough of my rambling for now. i need to clean up a case for bob and... i really need to drink some of my coffee...
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i think my work comp is being a dick. since mid last week it hasn't let me see my layout at all. just the dialogue boxes. but none of the pretty pretender goodness. grrrr. but i know the layout is fine because i can see it at home. and i didn't do anything to this thing. it just doesn't want to show any pics. it's being a dick.

my weekend was really long and i feel like i got no rest at all. what's the point of a three day weekend when you don't get to relax? left work on friday after a visit and headed over to do internship hours at aftercare group therapy. which consisted of some talking but also watching the most boring movie ever. and then i went home because if i'd tried to function for a couple more hours after seeing that movie, it would've been bad. saturday i got up early and went down to do an 8 hr shift. it was just gladys and i until james came in at 4. but the guys were well-behaved. and i got my car washed. so all was well. then i ran a few errands including looking for a present for lil tessy's birthday. ended up getting her an adorable little brown purse from target. some fuzzy socks that reminded me of the frog i got her last year. and a birthday outfit for the previously mentioned frog. but i couldn't find the book i was looking for for me. oh well. i'll have to go by borders after class tonight. finally got home and had some yummy food. and honestly i have no recollection of what i did after dinner. saturday night is an honest blur of blankness. sunday i got to sleep in a little. and when i got up i decided it was time to marathon season 4 smallville because i only watched until december and have no clue what happened after that. of course, this meant finding the tapes. and then getting them in order. and while doing that i got distracted by a movie on family channel, pizza my heart. it had the lead girl from roswell and this guy who looked really familiar but i couldn't place him. so i had to watch to see if i'd figure it out. it hit me that he was the guy that played the vamp in the submarine Angel ep. the guy angel makes... anyways, by the time i figured that out i was vested in the meager plot (romeo & juliet ripoff) and had to see how it ended. and then i wanted to wait for mom to get home with the groceries before i pressed play. but i finally got my marathon started and managed only to fast forward through the parts with lana and jason, cuz ewwwwwww. well... i fast forwarded through a lot of lana on her own too. she annoys me. oh well, not important. so that's what i did on sunday. smallville. yesterday i got up and watched some more while waiting to see what was happening. then mom and i went to lunch with julie and nicole. i left that at 2ish to go do some internship hours before heading out to dads for tessies dinner. met Dwayne, one of the counselors, and he actually showed me stuff rather then just having me sit and observe (which has its moments too...). he went over ASI's with me and gave me an intake packet to read. wednesday i'm supposed to do ASI's and really really learn them, but it was nice to see one. Dwayne also showed me a typical treatment plan they'd use. which is good because i have to do one and turn it in next week. lol. dinner at dads was fairly normal except for the lack of hissyfits and temper tantrums. the rest of the kids got presents too. ya know, because we're 5. *snort* and they kinda sucked. at least mine did. whatever.

so thats my weekend. where was the rest? i know i missed it. not fair! i so did not want to get out of bed today. but since i not only have class tonight but am hoping to go and do 2-3 hours... wouldn't make a lot of sense to stay home today and veg. don't think i have time to relax for a day til sunday. argh.

got a postcard on friday from [livejournal.com profile] minion_of_glarg. of Greece. hehehe. yay. so i get to rearrange the postcards that are up on my cabinet and add it to them. :) thank ya sweetie.

and with that, i'm going to wander about and see what i ought to be doing this morning instead of fiddling around here.

short post

Aug. 27th, 2005 06:49 pm
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we're home. technically we got here bout 2:30 but i'm tired and it's taking me this long to decide to post something.

had a loverly time in LA. sadly... there's no mummy in my mummy trip. however, i did get two extra postcards to send out... who wants one? addresses! um... had some super delish peruvian food thursday night. ceviche! canchas!!! james burped inca cola at me. bastard! the museum was good, though they confiscated my cameras, which made me less happy during the exhibit. i even ditched the audio tour and listened to tunes on the iriver instead. but so many pretties! shiny! i wanna have been an egyptian queen! :P lunch at the grove. always tasty. but also quite amusing as almost everyone else eating there was taking pics of their food! lol. wandered there for a bit before heading to the arclight to meet up with some friends of mine (*wave!!! big hugs!!!*)and see Brothers Grimm. movie gets the thumbs up. and i have further proof that my friends are whacko! hehehe. big kisses. oh! when we were waiting for my friends to get there we saw Scott Thompson Baker and Wallace Langham. and then when we decided to have dinner at the bar there, we saw Tom Green. he cut in front of us, but he went to the bar so we kind of let it go. hehe. post dinner found us parting ways and the family heading back to our hotel (which was an adventure all on its own!) and basically crashing out watching tv.

this morning we got up and headed over to the griddle cafe to meet [livejournal.com profile] aimercat and her friend Kelly. aims had mentioned that Kel is usually late so even though we'd said 9:30 i didn't really expect them til later. so we got a table for us and ordered. they showed up when our food arrived. we lucked out that the staff decided not to be dicks and just brought over another chair so they could join us. james and i didn't even come close to finishing our food. hehehe. so we have leftovers in the fridge.

we parted ways and there was a small debate about whether we were going to the getty or going to grab some ceviche to bring home... but james decided to just go home. so we did.

that's my trip in a nutshell. looks like things went a little crazy round here while i was gone. hope Charlie is okay. and everyone else is too. have a lot of fics to catch up on too. and my [livejournal.com profile] taruma16 is home! very excited about that. oh! did anyone not get Mike's radio appearance downloaded? cuz i think we should all have copies of all of the shoutouts he made to me. hehehe. and i'll happy reload it up for you. anything else? i need a nap. but first i need to eat something. am damn hungry.
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~friday, after work i headed over to Turning Points office on Fulton only to find that because of a scheduling problem (i.e. staff not showing up...) i was going to the SATU out on G St. instead. so i followed Larry, who ended up being the guy i worked with instead of Robert. once there, Gladys showed up because she'd been called in, they showed me around and gave me some rough idea of things to expect blah blah blah. i read through some of the documents that the clients receive and sign. and i read through a lot of stuff thats staff related. but basically friday night i just hung out with Gladys and Larry and learned how to do counts and med stuff and got a feel for the facility and the clients. (46 men, 1 left for work and hadn't returned... i'd estimate that almost 2/3s were CDC and the bulk of the rest were Prop 36). i left at 9 and went home. had popcorn for dinner and read for a little bit before crashing.

~saturday, i got up at the usual time and headed to 7-11 for coffee. got down to SATU at 8, but since i don't have keys i had to call Larry to come let me in. he told me that saturdays are pretty easy because mostly the guys just do clean up jobs and then watch movies. and basically thats what they did. Larry gave me keys, so i didn't need to stay shadowed to him or in one of the offices. instead i could open the sheds where the tools/supplies were and let myself in and out of the staff areas. a lot of the guys ended up taking naps by 10 and that just made me tired for the rest of the day. i did the count at 1030. had one guy that decided to give me a hard time. told me he didn't know what bed # he was. i said fine, whats your name. and he proceeded to tell me his name was John Gotti. argh. basically, i'm there to do a job, if he's going to make it difficult, i get to make his time difficult. i could've called a crash count (which means they have to report to the dorm and to their beds- think of almost every military movie where they have inspection) or i could write him up. i didn't do either. but its nice to know that i could've done them. he finally gave me his name and i moved on. later in the dorm i found him and he tried to be all nice and tell me who he is, i just kept doing my count and shrugged him off (no, he didn't touch me. you know what i mean). for the most part, the stuff i did over the weekend there wasn't any different then supervising visits at work. just i was supping adult males. basically after that it was just monitoring them and then watching while they had lunch at noon. they kept trying to get me to eat, but i wasn't hungry then. *shrug*. i left a little after one.
got home and literally the only thing i wanted to do was sleep. but i had a little food. and was informed by james that we were due out at dads for dinner at 7. and then mom asked if i wanted to go to the mall with her before her hair appt. so i did. which was good, even though i was tired, cuz i was able to buy a new piece of body jewelry for the cartilege hole. got home from the mall and i went to lay down (after yousending that file to [livejournal.com profile] blueirish). james woke me up at 630ish and insisted i get up. dinner at dads was pretty standard. tess declined to show up, hanging out with friends instead. and quinn was all banged up from a horse falling on him. natti seems nice, but she behaved a lot like tess does and retreated to her room when we weren't at the table. *shrug* came home and passed out.

~sunday, i slept in! oh, there is a god and she loves me! hehehe. got up and read some before moving out to the livingroom to fold some of my clothes and watch QaF. dusted and cleaned out the cat box. typical stuff. oh! i heard from a friend and they might be joining the fam and i for dinner in LA on thursday. SQUEEE! i miss my friends. :( talked to lil cate too. she wants to maybe come up to us on friday and have dinner so i'll have to keep her informed on what's happening. moving on... the day was capped off by a trip to GCP for dinner and a show. the food was good but didn't jump out as fantabulous. my drink displeased me as apparently they neglected the lemonade part... the JR CO. just needs to die. they were bad. and their song choices? were very bad. completely neglected stuff by paul simon in favor of doing two bad carly simon songs. i mean, she has some really good stuff out there. but the ones the did were bad. ugh. however, the play made up for everything. Brighton Beach Memoirs. i saw it last time they did it, but that was back in the 80's. and of course, i've seen the matthew broderick film. but this production was pretty good. i mean... we laughed. of course... that could just have been all the talk about masterbation. too funny! and the ick factor of the lead semi-lusting after his cousin. but it was good and locals, if you get the chance, go see it. til sept 11.

and that sums up my weekend. i'm exhausted just typing all that. oh! got a text message at 4am. not that i got much sleep anyways, but remind me to hurt melanie. and when waking up this morning i stretched wrong or something and now have a pain in my neck/shoulders. ugh.

my day today consists of cleaning up faiths cases because something is really wrong with her and she'll be out for 6 weeks. and then i'm going from here to turning point. 5-11 tonight. but today i'll be learning how to do ASI's. eep!

also... i need to fill out the form for a community mental health specialist position that is available. and i need to type up my journals for class tomorrow.

i think thats it.


Aug. 7th, 2005 08:10 pm
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miss melanie made me get up and take a shower this afternoon so we could go out into the world. course we only went to a movie but still... she made me go outside! eeeeeeeek! and it was hot! ugh. i hate hot.

upside to making me go ouside... got to ride in the new car. woohoo! last time i was in that model i was driving... so now i've done the passenger thing too. :) nice car.

then there was also the crack that is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. OMG! such a good movie. we had too much fun. hehehehe.

thought i had more to say but i'm a little tired right now... i think i may just read for a bit and then go lie down...
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james and i just walked in the door. we were out at mel's BBQ. i feel sticky. and not in the fun way either. ew. it was fun. in the way thats its fun to hang out with your friend and sorta meet new people but mostly hang out with your buddy (in this case, my bro) and sit and watch. james and i talked a lot. learned some new shit about him. stuff i hadn't known. and kinda not sure i ever wanted to know but am glad to know, ya know what i mean?

anyways... i have two hilarious pics that i'll put up later. too funny. hehehe. and if i can i have a funny little video clip too. i do however have a tiny bet going to see if he worships that thrown or not. tequila after beer... but mel made him do a shot... so we'll see if his hatred of the tequila with hurt him or he can stay up past it...

good to be home though. i had hoped to make it out to lucky 13 to see Dave's new band but i feel gross. and i didn't want to drag him since he needs to be up early for fantasy draft tomorrow...

ya know what's funny? i put up links in a community to two fics i wrote and no one has commented. but i know they've been read. but a ton of people. so why no comments? makes me sad. i ma cry. after i wash off my eye makeup.

hey, y'all... i need to repopulate my IM list too. along with my emails. so IM me (see user info page...) and/or drop me an email. k? thanks.

i need to eat something too. we didn't eat much at this BBQ and i drank more then i usually do on an empty stomach... not a lot, mind you... but i usually have more food in me... so the icon is not correct but... i thought it was funny...
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well then... i've had roughly 8 hours of sleep this weekend. and no... it wasn't continuous. and yes, i will be feeling this for a few days. whould i change anything? hell no! LOL. it was all worth it.

i suppose i should get around to posting about the weekend now. it's starting to come back to me. little flashes. lol. )

and it's monday morning and i'm still super duper tired... :( LOL

next trip i will see [livejournal.com profile] hackergroupie and [livejournal.com profile] midnight_sprint! LOL.
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so blah blah blah after many yummy pancakes and some yummy Chance viewage Kristy and i got our stuff together and headed off into the great grey world. we hit a little rain between Visalia and Bakersfield, but mostly the problem was the other vehicles kicking up water and not rain falling. basically though we had a really nice easy drive. switched drivers at the 99/5 junction. and i drove the grapevine and LA.

we arrived at Universal Citywalk a little bit after [livejournal.com profile] dee25x5 and were even able to get a parking space one space away from hers. which was good cuz it also meant that no one walked to their car alone later. we were thinking smart. ;)

we were a little early for the show... 4 and a half hours early, if you must know. and we didn't want to go to the hard rock till at least 8. so we wandered around and visited some of the stores of citywalk. this was probably a bad thing because both D and i came out of Them with goodies. personally i bought this guy ). hehehehe. anyways, so we continued wandering around the stores... until we finally decided to try for a table at the hard rock. got one, but we couldn't get one big enough for all of us ([livejournal.com profile] ghostgirl13, [livejournal.com profile] rhiannfire, and [livejournal.com profile] millietheghoul had shown up once we started waiting for our table.) so we got one table and they ended up with the same table on the far side of the room. :) we had some yummy twisted macaroni. while we were finishing eating a horrid band started playing. so we hurried to finish. also, the guys of AH came in, but apparently we were totally hidden or invisible as we went unnoticed. ;)

after we paid our bill and escaped bing right behind the band, we went wandering to find the guys and our friends. said hello to everyone, and introduced Kristy around. and then we had to hang out through a second horrid band. OMG! i think the second one was way worse then the first!!! the pain! the horror! the blood pouring from my ears!!!

once the pain ended we moved to sit at the bar (which was kind of the best place to be for the show). (did i mention that when we first got to the hard rock and were waiting around we decided to have one drink. i've decded sea breezes are yummy. ;) but this also gave us a chance to say that Kristy was DD and since we were sitting at the bar for the show, it might have been good for her since some places don't let minors near bars.... this was rambling, sorry) anyways, so once we were seated this guy came up ad started hitting on D. she was like No, Thanks. so he moved to me. i was like No Way. and he moved to the others. he was hitting on Esme and D was like She's in HS! FinallyYani went off on him. We grabbed Jeff and were going to use him to get rid of the guy but the bartender came up and told us that they were taking care of him. the man went around the entire place and into the restroom as Automatic Hotel started their set. we saw a couple of sheriff deputies come in and escort the man out. WOOHOO!

anyways, the set was fantastic. there was one moment where Mike missed a lyric and sadly for him it was on one of the only songs we knew. ;) and there was something with the drums... which confused me. anyway... I ♥ THE NEW MUSIC!!!! and thats what i have to say about that. people, how many times do i have to tell you that i SUCK at reviews???

we hung around inside and out afterwards. and while we were outside the scary guy came walking up to us. RIGHT AFTER WE'D BEEN TALKING ABOUT HIM!! we got M's attention. scary guy just kind of stood there for a little bit behind some of us. and then he took off walking away. M did a little karate kick thing behind his back. and we all laughed. eventually, after much good hang out time (but not nearly enough!) we all parted ways and headed home.

Kristy and i went down to the 24 hour Starbucks on Ventura and got some tasty warm beverages before heading for the freeway and home. the drive was lovely and easy. no weather or traffic. we were going to switch drivers but i was feeling good so i just did the whole thing. got to the house round 3:30. i sent Kristy to bed, sent my messages that i was home, hopped inthe shower, and made a bedtime post.

that pretty much sums up our trek. so much fun. wish more people could made it. i felt bad for the guys cuz it seemed that the craptastic bands scared off audience people.
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Day four... heading home

did not sleep well. The air quality was really crappy. Not sure why. Anyways, I was waking up every hour and a half or so. Which did not make for a happy girl when we got up at 9am. But at least I packed up last night and therefore only had to get dressed. Yay!

Out of the hotel we got gas and headed to Mandalay Bay and the SHARKS! Got breakfast at the super yummy buffet there. Yum yum yum!! And then walked to the Shark Reef exhibit. Very nice. Lots of cool predators. :P they needed more jellyfish though.

And then we spent the rest of the day driving home. I drove from Barstow where we stopped to get dairy queen dipped cones. And now all I want to do is sleep...

Special thanks to some of you for all your fun texts! :D
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Day 3... Sunday

okay, I’m just getting back from being gone basically all day. We got up and went to brunch up in the tower restaurant... that’s the top of the stratosphere for those of you playing at home. It turns. The restaurant, not the stratosphere. So in the hour+ that it took us to enjoy our food we saw all of Vegas. Very cool. But have I mentioned that I don’t like heights? Yeah... no change there. But it was still cool. Also, we splurged and truly celebrated mom’s birthday... we got a chocolate stratosphere for dessert. Watch for pictures. The leftovers are over on the dresser. LOL. Anyways, after a brief changing of the clothing we took off for our adventure. Goals for the day were too achieve Bellagio and the Monet exhibit and to be at Excalibur in time for the show at 8. So off we went.

First stop was Speed, the NASCAR rollercoaster at Sahara. HOLY CRAP! Damn thing is fast. And then there’s the backwards part. And DAMN!!! HOLY CRAP. Pictures to follow. :P

took the monorail down to the Flamingo and wandered through there. Had to stop at the habitat and see the birds. They had penguins. Who promptly went and hid at the far side of the pond. Stupid birds. LOL. Crossed over to Caesar’s and wandered the forum shops. Had to stop in FAO Schwarz. Managed not to buy anything. Go me. And then finally made it to Bellagio. And the exhibit. Which was very nice. I wanted more of the water lilies because those are my favorite. But I guess it was sort of a brief telling of Monet’s career/life. We had to stop and sit for a while because we all hurt so much. I’m getting old! And then we ended up taking a cab to New York New York. We’d talking about doing the roller coaster there, but honestly by the time we got up to it, I felt sick. And there was a line. So we didn’t. And we headed across to Excalibur. Wandered a little while looking for food and finally settled on a HUGE buffet. I think I died there. The next thing I truly remember is James leaving us so he could go gamble and me and mom chilling out there for a bit. Then we were up and off to join the line. There was a very good juggler for part of the wait but still... my feet/legs hurt! And I just wanted to die.

um... *drool/thud/die!* do I have to say more? Okay... Aussie... male... hot... strippers... *end of all coherent thoughts*
Okay... I’m better now. Maybe. We did not have VIP tickets but we up close in the line so we had excellent seats. Clearly. Mom got kissed by one guy. Her glasses taken by another... not sure where he put them since I busy enjoying his ass... And Scotty, took her on stage to play with. WOOHOO!!! go [livejournal.com profile] motherkus!!! where was I? Right. Neither of us has a voice left. :P
um... we got pictures with the guys. She looks fabulous. I look like crap. We’ll see what I can do when I scan them in and enlarge ‘em. (Did I mention we also got the pictures from the rollercoaster? We did) and I bought the DVD in the gift shop. Must have girlfriends over and enjoy... LOL.

We wandered over to MGM Grand to get Starbucks (mostly cuz I knew where that Starbucks was...) And while there, we were in line behind the two actors who play the cousins on Arrested Development. So strange. But cool. LOL. Then we waited in the LONG line and caught a cab back to the hotel. Mom’s in bed. James is still off gambling somewhere. And I am about to run back downstairs to see if I can buy something. Then it’s off to the shower and repacking all my shit so when I getup tomorrow all I have to do is get dressed and we can go. We have the sharks at Mandalay Bay planned for tomorrow and then home. Which I can’t wait for, even though this trip has been a ton of fun... I am sooooooo dead tired and sore all I want is a day off to relax! LOL!!

(Note- Bondage Boy’s name is Case {or however you spell it} and he’s from Holland. No, I did not just talk with him, but when I ran downstairs I was talking to the merchandise girl for the show and she told about him and we talked about the scarf chick)

(I should also note that with all the tattoo/piercing places we’ve passed walking around the last few days, I have seriously considered finally piercing my belly button. But I’ve resisted because I want to lose some weight first. Plus, I was playing with the scar there earlier and I decided it would wig me right now to put something else in my belly button. *snort* oh, and no, I didn’t get a tattoo either.)

Shower time! Woohoo!
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Day Two- Vegas
I think we overslept today. I think we were supposed to be done for buffet at 9 so that we had plenty of time for breakfast at the buffet before moms spa time. James’ alarm was on vibrate though, and on the far side of the room, so we slept through it. When we did wake up, two minutes later mom showed up. Hehehe. Skipped the buffet. Had Starbucks instead. And left mom at the spa. James and I walked through Sahara again and took the monorail back to the MGM Grand. Saw the lions again. Went over to the Tropicana and got our free decks of cards. Ran over to the Excalibur and checked prices/times on Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. Then we headed over to Bellagio. Hit a few casinos on the way. And we ended up spending like an hour at Bellagio... because we were lost! That place is completely nuts! Anyways... crossed over to Bally’s and caught the monorail back to Sahara. Walked back to Stratosphere and rescued mom from hock. LOL.

After food mom wanted to clean up a little so we wandered up to our rooms and James and I basically passed out. Mom came down to get us... was surprised to find us out of it. We took a cab over to Fremont Street. Wandered around there for a bit. Got some new mardi gras beads. :P and gambled a little over at the Fremont. James played craps, mom played some slots, and I learned roulette. Mind you, I lost. But I did well for a bit. And then I went down hill. I didn’t like the fact that I had to use four chips ever time, though. That was poopy.

We caught another cab and went to a Peruvian restaurant (inka si senor) over on maryland and karen. Tasty ceviche. And I liked my arroz con pollo, but it had a lot of rice. *snicker* I’m gonna be hungry later. And when we were done we had the restaurant call for a cab. They told us it would be 45 minutes! But what were we supposed to do? So we waited. And waited. And waited! And at 50 minutes... we walked back to Stratosphere. And now I am really really tired. And my feet hurt a little bit. Wah!

We’re hanging in our rooms for a minute... and then we’ll head downstairs and see Bite. Maybe I’ll write more afterwards. Or maybe I’ll just sleep.

Mom’s here, guess its time to head down. :)

okay... me again. LOL. Yeah yeah, who else would be in here. Anyways, it’s nearly midnight. I just got back up to the room. Mom headed to hers and bed and James went off to gamble. I think a shower would be nice right now. But I’m also a little stiff from all the walking today that was followed by immediate sitting and not cooldown stretching.

But that’s not what you want to hear about, is it? Nope. I didn’t think so. LOL. You want to hear about Bite. Well... damn good. I mean, it has no redeeming social value at all. None whatsoever. But it was good unclean family (without-minors) fun. Let me start off by saying that it is a topless show with a plot. LOL. Vampire chicks have to find the Lord Vampires soul mate. So you take the erotic rock angels coven and let them dance to rock (AC/DC, GNR, etc), topless, and throw in some fangs. Oh yeah, you throw in a couple of audience plants that join the show and turn out to aerial performers and a singer (and I give massive props to whoever created/cast the show because the singer has some serious pipes and also seems to have a physical disability in his left arm). So yeah... that’s basically it. The aerial couple were really impressive. One of the angels can do the scarf stuff. That always impresses me. And they occasionally ran through the audience. that led to me being caressed by Tush and The Lord Vampire. Um... i’m pettable! LOL!

So yeah, the show was fun. Even if it did seem pretty random intervals that they lost or put on their tops. *snicker* oh! And there was a nice guy at our table from Stockton who works with autistic kids. Don’t know his name but we chatted before the show for a bit. Haha. And afterwards, when we were heading to the escalator, some of the cast was outside the theater and I got my picture taken with bondage boy, which is what I nicknamed the male of the aerial performers. It’s a pretty funny picture so I’ll probably post it. I didn’t o to any of the girls or the lord vamp, and I couldn’t get James to get his pic with the girls. But I got bondage boy! ROFL!! So I got caressed and a half hug (there was a squeeze involved in our picture taking) from the cast of Bite, this increases my rating of thumbs up to thumbs way up. :D good music, decent dancing, and as long as you don’t have a problem with breasts, it’s a fine little show. :P

off to bed or a quick walk around the casino? Tough call... maybe I’ll go see if I can find the cute guy...

Okay... nearly 1. Yeah yeah, thats not a very long time to be gone but I’m tired. Anyways, went downstairs and found James playing pai gow, which is kinda boring to watch. So I continued my relaxing walk around the casino. Did not find the cute guy. Damn. But I did run into the Lord Vampire. Told him he’d petted me, which he promptly denied (“I did no such thing, have no idea what you’re talking about”. Said with a wink and a smile.), and then he invited me to the bar that the cast was partying at. Um... hmmm... I should really go to bed. Um... I don’t drink. Yeah... alright, I went to the bar. Alone. Which sucked. (Where was my [livejournal.com profile] dee25x5 or my [livejournal.com profile] blueirish?!?!?!) There was a sexy guy dance contest happening when I walked in. Was HIGHLY entertained. *drool/thud* LOL. And I felt the need for a drink, too. So tonights drink is my traditional cranberry/vodka made by a very cute bartender. I tipped him too well, I’m sure, but the drink is yummy so who cares?! Anyways, stuck around there for a lil bit but I was still tired and a little sore. And I hadn’t found the cute guy. So I abandoned my fun search/drinking and headed back upstairs... which is why I am able to write about it all now. Hahaha. So I think I will drink a little bit more and then take a shower.

Did I mention that my brother is wearing his smiley face boxers? And that the lord vampire is much cuter in person and without the white contacts? Hehehe.

Okay... see ya Sunday!
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It’s after midnight and I should really be in bed...yeah yeah... not exactly what a person in Vegas should be saying...I should be screaming about more partaying. But I’m tired. 5 and a half/ six hours in a car... makes me sleepy. Should’ve been about 5 hours, since James and I drove it, but we hit rain, thunder, lightning, and hail. Sucks to be us. LOL. But we made it! Our hotel does not believe we should spend more then the absolutely necessary time of cleaning ourselves and maybe sleeping, so it has NO data ports in the room and NO wireless carrier. So, I asked the lovely and talented [livejournal.com profile] dee25x5 to announce that I could not be reached via computer this weekend. (Its like 10$ for an hour! Though there is an internet café across the street... I could go there and upload... *ponders*). Sadly, only a few of you will have seen that post...

So, because I can’t post as I go, I’m doing this the old fashioned way... in a document. Hehehe! To be uploaded upon return to sanity. :P

like I said earlier, we made good time considering the weather. I crashed in the backseat for part of the drive... before Bakersfield to almost boron. Not a particularly looong nap, but it was better then being awake. ;) I drove the second part, after the mad dashes in and out of a circle K in Barstow for munchies during the hail...

We didn’t have directions to the hotel, we figured we’d be able to see it from the road and just drive towards it. The plan worked and we arrived safely at the stratosphere. Yay! Checked in, found our rooms (me & James in one, mom in another [right down the hall]), and relaxed for a bit. Round 6:30 we went down to get mom and heading out... played a few slots downstairs cuz mom had questions.

We wandered over to the monorail and took it all the way down to the MGM Grand. We passed through the Sahara on our way to the station... we were looking for food as well as checking things out. Things were a little pricey at the MGM Grand, I shrieked a little at the price of one steak (110$)!!!! and got a giggle from another man who was looking at the menu. We found the lion habitat and took a moment to look at the pretty kitties that were sleeping atop the tunnel. Won’t make it back there to see them up and about till Sunday at the earliest as there’s a fight tomorrow night. And then I won the food hunt by wanting to go eat at the Rainforest Café. Prices were good and with the fake thunder/lightning we got a show too! Hehehe. James had a steak and mom had some crab dip and shrimp. I had salad and bowl of clam chowder. This was hours ago and I’m starting to get a little hungry... wandered through the attached store, mom contemplated buying us sweatshirts (I think she decided we were cold) but since we weren’t happy with what they called a XX we said no. I like a lot of room in my sweat shirts, I got cleavage, and a want to be able to veg/lounge and be super comfy soooo their XX did not fit the bill... I think they may have been child sized... hmmm... anyways, I found some of the Audubon wildlife stuffed animals on major clearance and picked up a couple of the birds for my stuffed animal collection. YAY!

Headed across the way to New York New York and then across the way to Excalibur. Mom and I got our tickets to Thunder From Down Under for Sunday night at 8 and we wandered around the floor there. They had those yard long drinks there but the glasses had dragons on them. Yeah, I bought one. Strawberry daiquiri. But it got majorly sweet towards the ed of its life... yecch! After Excalibur we headed across to Luxor. Wandered a bit there cuz mom wanted to see the inside. Couldn’t go up one of the inclinators because they seem to have security... and decided we were a little tired. Took a cab back to the stratosphere (I have officially decided that all cabbies are nuts... plus it was still raining out there and he didn’t seem to notice that that made a difference in the road... but he did know his streets!) And now mom is back in her room, James is downstairs gambling, and I’ve just finished my shower and am heading to bed. We’re doing the breakfast buffet tomorrow. 9ish.


Mar. 7th, 2005 07:16 pm
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okay... i am home. we literally got here like 20 minutes ago. james is napping (he's not feeling good) and mom is in the shower. i'm waiting for the pizza to get here.

so while i wait i shall finalize my trip post and put 'em up... should take me about 4 posts. just a warning. :D
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okay... quick post because i need to head to bed soon...

got a chance to see Tom Lenk's play Will You Be My Special Friend? last night. can i say that i, and those i was with, laughed so hard we nearly peed? yes, i can. and i will. seriously... it was the funniest thing i have seen in a long time. and probably the best time i've had at the theatre in a very long while. i adored Tom before, thought he was cute and funny and a good actor. now he is so high up on my list of favs. he is gifted.

it was great to see both Danny Strong and Felicia Day (though i don't really like her... she did impress me with her violin skills) also.

and afterwards the girls had to pee so i waited for them in the hallway, which turned out to be the place to be if you want to see cast and get stuff signed. so of course i'm standing there when Danny came out (i swear i never believe that he knows me until he sees me and starts talking). see he starts talking to me... LOL. made me all giddy. heheheehe. got him to sign my program. and i told him what i told [livejournal.com profile] minion_of_glarg i would. he laughed and asked me how old she was again. hehehe... yeah... just a touch to young, sweetie, sorry. *hug* then Tom came out. LOL i've met him several times and he never rememers (might be why i never believe Danny does...) and when he finaly came over to us, i had him sign my program too and thanked him adding the special encore show. made it possible for me and others to come down and enjoy the show too.

OH! anyone remember CSI guy from back at the Kerry thing in May? he was at the play. and when i was talking to Danny he came up to say goodnight to Danny and Danny introduced us. David seemed nice. i told him that my brother had been very excited to see him at the Kerry thing (James is a huge CSI fan!)

well... i think that's it... i wanted to share some of the special moments from the play but i don't think you'd get them unless you saw it. :(

special thanks to the friends who went with me. *HUGS*
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i know... some of you are dying for this. LOL. it's not that exciting. really. but i like to write up these things for me... so here goes.
it's raining... on Justin... )
and now... i am at work and should really get something done.


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