May. 18th, 2006 11:24 am
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oh poo... and i was really in the mood to get some work done, too. oh well... not my fault the statewide system went kaput. hehehe. probably cuz the data is stored in Denver. i'm sure its a problem on that end of things. but... i can't do any work! ROFL!

it's the little things that make life interesting.


Apr. 7th, 2006 07:54 am
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it's not even 8am and this is already a shitty ass day.


Mar. 13th, 2006 02:02 pm
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i am soooooo bored today. somebody tell me a story.
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okay, so I applied for this position last week and I very well could set up an interview but in the long run children with behaviorial problems is not where my interest lies. and in knowing that about myself, would it be worth it, financially, to take this job. for me... probably not. but for anyone who fits the qualifications listed and/or is interested, i thought i'd post the information i just received. i know some of you are looking for work down there...

"I was forwarded your resume this week.
We have an immediate opening for a Milieu Aide (30+ hours/wk) for our day treatment program at 3031 South Vermont Ave. Our program serves children ages 2.5 - 5.5, who have behavioral and/or emotional problems that are severe enough to prevent them from attending a preschool or daycare setting. This is a behavioral, not an academic program. Currently, we have 3 classrooms. There are 12 -13 children and 3 milieu aides per classroom. Each child has a mental health therapist who is onsite and available for support.
As a team member in these therapeutic day treatment programs, a milieu aide rides the Clinic van routes picking up and dropping off children; organizes and implements activities on the van to help teach clients new skills in relating and problem solving; acts as program staff for groups of children during program hours; conducts monthly home visits to help clients effectively manage behavior in the home; assists with providing written correspondence to families; creates therapeutic milieu activities with clinical therapists; coordinates program's special events; consults and works collaboratively with supervisors, medical doctors, Clinic peers, or others; completes required progress notes and paperwork in a timely manner. Other duties may be assigned.
Hours: Mon 7:45am - 2:30pm, Tue 7:45am - 2:30pm (until 4pm on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, Wed 7:45am - 4:00pm, Thurs 7:45am - 2:30pm (until 4pm once per month), Fri 7:45am - 2:30pm. Opportunities for additional hours are also available.
This position requires an AA or BA w/ a minimum of 4 psychology or child development classes. Proof of education in the form of original transcripts from the educational institution and written proof of previous experience from former employers are required, as is a valid CA driver license and an insurable driving record. As with other Clinic positions, preference will be given to current employees. In keeping with Clinic policy for all employees, the successful applicant must also complete a test for TB and fingerprint clearance by the Department of Justice.

SALARY: $ 11.12 - $12.23/hr for 30+hrs/wk, depending upon experience; included is a generous benefits package (vacation, sick, medical, dental, etc)."

let me know if you want the contact info or anything...
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the first of the Religion tests is up here.

i'm planning to go home at noon today. mom has drs appts and i have a headache. the only reason i didn't call in was because i made a bunch of calls yesterday and wanted to check messages and continue making calls. course when i got here the phones weren't working. grrr. they are now. and only one person had called me back. i'll call her back soon. then someone else called a little bit ago. they work 8-5 and can't do a meeting anyways... double grrr.

i think i have a meeting at 10. but half the people who ought to be there are out today. plus, i have nothing for it. and no one has gone about reminding me. therefore... i doubt i'll be there. i'll just continue with what i'm doing.

my right eye is blurry and dry. weirdness.

btw- the movie in this icon... turns out its from the netherlands and is a coming of age story about a 16 yr old girl who wants to be a ballerina but meets a boy who turns her into a hooker. teehee. makes me love it even more. its supposed to be a really good movie but it sounds little foreign porn.
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why is that the last few minutes of a work day where you didn't really do anything always draaaaaaaaag on? ugh. i desperately just want to go home! but i technically still have 25 more minutes. so... another 10 and i'll start cleaning up. that'll get me out of here about the right time... if i count the drive over to get mom as work. which i do. ;)

i've got half of the first test typed up and posted, privately for now, in my LJ. i'll finish that test this evening and then post it publicly. i'm posting the questions from the practice tests. some of them i know the answers to. many of them i don't. but i do have a book that i'll be reading and i'm gonna be googling stuff. what i'm looking for is any knowledge you guys might have. so if you can answer the questions (preferably with details! teehee!) i'll love forever and ever.

got hung up on twice by the same woman today. and i had one guy who's case is downstairs, tell me he wasn't interested in an Ice Breaker. flat out refused to do it. what can ya do? not a whole helluva lot i tell ya.

i did not get any writing done today. i'll save it for tomorrow and work on the religion stuff tonight.
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went home a little after 330 yesterday. not that i was doing much before i went home, but i at least wanted to stick around as long as possible. but the fact was that i couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. even the drive home was tricky. and when i got there, i took some pics of the fallen tree, cleaned up some stuff, and crawled into bed. i think that was my favorite part...

stayed happily curled up in my warm little nest til mom turned the light on at 6:30. at which point i crawled out to the living room and watched some second season smallville. then i watched criminal minds and csi NY. both were good. criminal minds was the pilot ep, which i had not seen, and left me curious about some stuff because i missed the first few minutes.

crawled back into bed at the usual time and am now at work, at the usual time. so its back to regular schedule today which sucks. but is also good because i'm less tired when i'm on the regular schedule. its when i alter stuff... thats when my timing goes all wonky. and its bad enough that the time change is sunday!

i have nothing interesting to say.

we, obviously, didn't go to dads thing last night. there was a rumor he wanted to do dinner tonight but i have yet to hear anything definite. tess and i were considering having her go with james and i because ever since she moved out of my dads house and back into her dads house, her mother has basically been ignoring her. doesn't even respond to emails or IMs. so we were tempted to do that. but since i have no details about dinner... we haven't planned anything. poop.

i learned something new... apparently the money ananda uses to buy all these horrid horses... tess and quinns college funds. O_o i don't care how into horses you are... your kids need the opportunity to go to college more then you need a half dozen horses that you barely tolerate! argh.

okay... i'm going to have some coffee and see if there are any goodies yet.
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i am officially exhausted. i have been working since shortly after 7am this morning. which means, yes, i've been awake a helluva lot longer then normal. and this had made me very grumpy. however, i think that if i forgo lunch and do a little work right now, i'll go home early today.

the all staff meeting was this morning. that's the thing i was working on that work project for the last few months. i have been working and on my feet all day! and just want to pass out now. thank you very much. we had to use my laptop for one of the computers because the county ones don't have disk drives. and i got yelled at for using my laptop because i should use the county equipment. O_o yeah, okay... that makes a lot of sense. like i haven't been using my own equipment for everything else i've done. my camera to take all the pictures. my video camera to film the meeting. my tripod. my laptop to do all the video work. etc etc etc. they can bite me. of course, i was talking to andrea earlier and if i take on a bunch of other duties, i could get the county to buy me a new camera. not gonna happen. but its a nice dream.

anyways... the presentations from the departments were basically pretty good. a couple of them got very creative. but then some of them were so dull and boring! OMG! i wanted to die! lol. and i was stuck listening all morning! but i had some people say this one of the best meetings they'd ever been to. so that's good. we had music as people came in and left. we had my project running as people came in and left. there were movie posters encouraging our theme. there were bags as popcorn and soda. it was fun. and we only ran over our scheduled time by like 15 minutes! impressive.

mom was so cute as the wicked status quo. and i've gotten compliments on my performance as toto.

i'm gonna contemplate doing some work. i'd love to get some food but i've got too much equipment at my desk right now and i refuse to leave it.

oh... dad just called to tell me that tonight at 6 he's doing a presentation about the next peru trip at the art museum. natti and ananda have apparently made a lot of food. he wants me and james to show up and support him. O_o he says its open to the public... i think i'll be asleep or comatose at that time...
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oops. apparently there's a meeting this morning for my original project. oh well. i'll be over at heritage this morning taking pictures. can't do everything. the reminder for this meeting came out at 5:40 last night (the big boss works too hard!). kinda forgot about it and now i've got something else going on. i replied with my apologies and sent an update on whats been going on. a big fat nothing. but that's not important.

so yeah. taking pics today. going over to the mental health side of things. apparently they get a little snippy because we forget them. so i'm off to make them smile for the camera. woohoo.

what else? i'm off at 3:30 today so that i can go to the viewing this afternoon and not be late to group tonight. i'm going to leave at 10ish tomorrow morning and go to the funeral and then go back to finish my shift before heading to the football game. when am i going to relax? i owe mom housework so that'll have to happen on sunday. argh. i just want to take a nap. i'm either working til 9 or 10 tonight. depends on whether or not Henry has a shift buddy. if he doesn't, i'll stay til 10 if he does 9pm. i mean, i have to be back at 8am! i need to get some rest. and throw in the viewing and funeral and i'm already exhausted.

my coffee is cold already. but that also means drinkable. which do i want more, hot coffee or the ability to drink my beverage of choice?

my car is going to get a parking ticket today. i feel it. the fuckers who run the parking structure didn't send us our permit for September. we thought they'd sent it yesterday but it turned out to be a bill! fuckers. and they've deposited the money we gave them last week. so where's my permit??? i've got their number and mom already yelled at them. so when i get to my car later and it has a ticket i get to call and bitch at them. that'll be good.

i've got a new fic and author to do beta work for. squee. i'm very excited to read it. i'm saving it til later though because i don't want to start reading it and then have to run around today.

bob just promised to get me a chocolate milkshake today. he forgot yesterday.
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So I was talking to M last night and she pointed out how people are getting used to no updates over the weekend from me. One of these days I'll have to go online on the weekend just shake things up. :) We laughed for a bit, cuz I always seem to have some long old thing to say on Monday. Let's see if I can do it today. :)

Lunch today was mac and cheese. Microwavable frozen variety from 7-11. Really need to stop shopping there, but I need my coffee. Splurged today and got some nutter butters. I love nutter butters. :) Already had to move them to the far side of my desk so that I'd stop eating them. Nutter Butters. Yum.

This weekend was kinda of the unexciting variety. Tho friday was cool. I think I mentioned that James had found updates for the Buffy game. I was wrong. Turns out he was Fucking bored at work Friday afternoon and WROTE season 5 and 6 scenarios. Cool. We played 5th season friday night. We have so much tweaking to do (Glory is too powerful right now. no way to beat her)But it was fun. Need to finish it before we start on 6th season. Tho, for Troika fans, we did set it up so that the villains that start the game are Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew.

I managed to get away with sleeping til noon and not getting dressed on saturday. Plus I spent the day watching first season Angel. I miss Doyle. And am very saddened by the death of Glenn Quinn. Couldn't help but want to remember him. On a lighter note, I folded laundry saturday. I think that's why I didn't get into trouble for not getting dressed. Went into hybernation in my room when the TV was taken over for a viewing of It's a Wonderful Life. Sorry to anyone that likes that movie but if I have to sit through any of it again I will hurt people. Think it's just about time for White Christmas to be viewed though. :) And I recently picked up the DVD of Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas. Kinda excited about that one. Haven't seen it in years. I got off topic again. Darn.

I had to get dressed on sunday. Mom was giving me that look. You all know the one. So I got dressed. Had things I needed to do anyways. We went out to do some shopping. I was hoping to get some ideas for some peoples presents. (AUTHORS NOTE- I just realized that I've been away from this update for an hour while I tried to get some work done. Bad me.) I think I bought more stuff for me then I got ideas for other people. Sucks. On the plus side I bought the Norah Jones CD. I also bought myself some jeans and a new shirt. Bad me. Too bad it looked good. Had to have it. Need to go out some night and show off. :)

Also managed to get my xmas lights up. That was a feat in itself. Some of my strings decided to be half dead. So I had to buy some new strings. Apparently Fresno is out of icecle lights, too, so had I bought a string of mini-coloreds. Anyways, long story short-- got my lights up. But I got them up by 6pm. Which anyone in california can tell ya, is pure dark outside. So that was fun.

Finally got all the addresses for my xmas cards. Now I just have to write them. I planned on doing the addressing and basic cards during lunch, but as usual got sidetracked catching up on my friends journals. People told me when I first started this that I'd get addicted. I said "not me". And now I am totallt addicted. I feel bad when I don't get to update. Or when it takes me a while to check it after someone comments. Anyways, so now I HAVE to get them done tonight. I'll feel so bad if I don't. I always worry that they won't get to people on time if I don't get them going early in the month and here it is the 9th!

My nutter butters made me totally hyper. I am just a giggling fool this afternoon. Think I almost scared a customer when he called but it turned out that it was Carlos. we talk everyday so after he realized it was me he was like "crazy girl". Love that. (Kris just rolled her eyes at me cuz I took a message with a gel-ink-sparkly-colored pen and I commented how pretty the message was. I bought the pens for my xmas cards, okay, I want people to feel special when they read the pretty card)

Okay people, I have to go bag up wine. Interesting work gifts, huh? Apparently there's some See's candies back there too. Too bad none of it is for me. Oh well. Off to bag wine.
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I want to start off by saying that I feel great. My mom told me to leave work yesterday and go over to the hospital for "indigent medical care". She said she'd cover me. So I did. But they were rude and said that a) I didn't make enough money to qualify and b) there were no appointments available until febraury. I was like "fuck this!". So I was like where can I go? and she said I'd have to go to a walk-in but they'd want cash. I didn't have cash so I figured I'd have to make some calls. Long story short- I went by my old doctor (haven't seen him in years) and the secretary told me to go to this Urgent Care place and say I was his patient. They saw me in like 5 minutes. The doctor was really nice. And instead of hooking me up with expensive prescriptions, he gave me the pharmecutical samples for what I needed. Feel so good. Whole thing cost me $133 (cuz they gave me a discount for paying the whole thing). Yay! I can kinda hear. And there's no pain. He said my ears were redder then my hair. :)

Stopped by Tessy's school on my way home and ended up taking her to ice cream and out to her horse. Which meant that I stayed out there for like 2 hours cuz I didn't want to leave my 14 year old sister alone in the middle of no-where. Took some pics of her and "Hotty", if I could figure out how to do it, I'd post them. She's all excited about having t-day dinner on friday at my dad's. So cute.

And that brings us to today. Except I have to say one thing about last nights Buffy-- WOW! We were totally into it. And Smallville-- the paint was still wet on those "ancient" symbols. My parents are both into archealogy and anthropology so we grew up on this kind of thing. I think I've seen every indian burial in the continental US and tons of places elsewhere. Bad set people. Do your research. Or risk the scathing comments of viewers like me. (OK, not so much with the scathing, but its the thought that counts, right?)

My bosses dad (who still works here but in a diminished capacity) brought me a box of See's candy. He brought Turkeys for everyone else but I said that we had enough turkey already so he brought me candy. Isn't that sweet?

I have venting and griping to do about people, but that'll have to wait til the lunch hour or this afternoon sometime. Maybe I won't get to it for a while. That'll save everybody the torture of listening to me bitch.

Kris is officially insane. She just found out she's pregnant (waiting for the doctor to confirm it of course) and she's sitting at her desk thining she's getting fatter as the day goes on. So funny.

Work beckons. And I actually do have a stack of things to do. toodles.
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I hope some of you are having good ones. Mine isn't. Did not want to get out bed today. Pudgey was nestled right up against me and was just so warm. Hated to leave him. He was purring, too. So cute.

The fog has not even started to lift yet. It was fucking pea soup out there earlier. My office is on the other side of town from my house so I had to leave earlier then usual to drive through the fog. And people do not understand that yeah, you do have to drive safer and a touch slowerin fog then normal, but that does not mean STOPPING on the freeway. I HATE Fresno drivers.
Oh and 7-11 ran out of my coffee. Had to get French Roast.

But the true badness of the day is work related. I think I've mentioned Mike before. He's this huge, stupid, asshole at work. Tried to get me in trouble because I wouldn't give 3 rolls of duct tape. I wasn't authorized to do it. I'm sorry, but the former president of the company (and the current presidents father) had just thrown a hissy fit because of how many rolls had been used in a year. I wasn't about to get into trouble for giving him 3 rolls during my 1st week. So, now he's gunning for me. Asshole. But today he decided to get Kris. Have I mentioned her? She is the office manager. Right above me. Really great. Taught me everything. And I enjoy spending the day with her.

Anyways, Mike has hated her for months. She was really busy and was unable to give him an unimportant mesage from his girlfriend once. She apologized but he was pissed. Hasn't gotten over it. He decided she was being rude the other morning when he and his father (what the hell was his father doing here?) were having a conversation standing right in the middle of a meeting. Kris politely asked them to move it into another office. So this morning he attacks her as being rude and curt and other BS. She has her moments but not with him. She's always on best behavior. Can't piss him off. Fuck that! So he attacked her. I'm sitting out in the main office with a cd blaring right next to me and I could hear them over it. She came out pissed off and telling me she was leaving and wasn't coming back. The boss came out and talked to her some more. She was crying by this point. I don't know if he made it worse or better.

She went home and I honestly don't know if she'll be coming back or not. I need her. I cannot do certain things. I'm not qualified. And monday is payday. If she doesn't come in, there is no way to get a bookkeeper here that day. No way. We'd be screwed. She's gonna call me over the weekend and tell me if she's coming in monday.

My boss just had me send her a bouquet. Felt so very wrong. I shouldn't be the one ordering it. He didn't even tell me what kind of flowers to get. This is a weird thing to say but it made me feel a little dirty to be the one taking care of that.

Okay, I have to get back to actual work. I have lots of shit to do today. Just needed to vent for a bit.
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"I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored! I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored! I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored!" That's right ya'll- I'm bored! I have 45 more minutes of work and nothing to do. Sucks.

Oh, god. Today has completely sucked. My cell got wet and is now dead. Services will be held tuesday after I get the replacement. Email me if you need directions to the gravesite. I lucked out and my insurance (yes, I am so pathetic that I insured my cell phone) is just gonna replace it. But I have no phone over the weekend and I am alreayd going through withdrawals.

Even though I was sick yesterday I still had nothing to do today. I thought there'd be piles of crap for me to do. Nope. Nothing. Kris only had a coupla little piles for me-- I tend to finish those really fast.

Oh, well. Back to the boredom of the last 40 minutes of my day.
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Went to work today. My head is finally feeling good. No throbbing of any kind. YAY!

Yesterday, after I called in sick, I got called in to work in order to make a delivery out in Selma. Seems everyone else was busy. I was cool with it cuz I really hate calling in sick. I feel all guilty about making everyone else have to work harder since I'm not there. I'm weird like that.

So after finishing the job errands I came back into town (my company is just on the outskirts of Fresno)I decided I was gonna definitely go to this show at my HS. Which means I was gonna pick up the Tessy-monster and drag her with me.
She gets so excited when she gets to hang out with me. It's so cute. And it's definitely a way to brighten a day. :) I love my munchkin. Decided to kinda have a girls afternoon. Got my nails done and since she's too young to take care of acrylics, I got her a manicure. She was so excited. Had a blast.

Apparently, she'll listen to me, unlike her parents, cuz I told her we were gonna go out so she had to do her homework right away.

I'm totally rambling. And no one really cares, right? Whatever. I need to get back to work anyway. I'll write about the show we saw later. Just kinda felt like sharing my evening with the Tessy-monster.


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